Dead Oarfish Spotted Once Again In Misamis Oriental

A dead oarfish was spotted once again in the coastal area of Salay River II in Salay, Misamis Oriental and being linked to an impending calamity.

On Thursday (April 05, 2018), the Facebook page “Local Government Unit of Salay” has uploaded the photos of a dead oarfish found in Salay River II.

According to the Municipal Agriculture Office of the city, the oarfish is measuring about 16 feet in length, 1.16 ft. in width, and a weight ranging from 50 to 60 kilograms.

Dead Oarfish

The deep-sea creature was already dead when the members of Deputized Fish Warden (DFW) of Salay arrived.

The personnel of together with DFW and Bantay Dagat members will dispose of the oarfish to prevent the residents from eating or selling the sea creature.

Last year, the appearance of oarfish in shallow waters has been linked to series of earthquakes experienced in different parts of the countries.

Dead Oarfish

The Japanese Seismologist Kiyoshi Wadatsumi explained that deep-sea creatures are sensitive when it comes to any irregularities happening in the bottom of the sea.

Dead Oarfish

Wadatsumi said that the appearance of oarfish in shallow waters indicates that something is happening in the deep.

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