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Concerned Netizen Shares Story Of Man Living At Jollibee Store With His 2-Year-Old Son

Netizen Jerrico Punzalan Ocampo Shared Story Of Daniel Amin Who Lives At Jollibee Store With 2-Year-Old Son

A concerned netizen named Jerrico Punzalan Ocampo has shared a story of a man who lives at Jollibee store together with his 2-year-old son.

Nowadays, we can hear a lot of stories about homeless people wandering the streets and sleeping anywhere after suffering severe financial problems. But it is more difficult for a person to live in the street together with a very young child.

Recently, a Facebook user named Jerrico Punzalan Ocampo has shared a story of a man identified as Daniel Amin and his 2-year-old son Charles who were living at Jollibee store in Cubao for almost 6 months now.

Jollibee Store


In the post, Ocampo narrated that he saw the homeless man and his son in the popular fast-food chain. At first, he thought that the man was waiting for someone to arrive because of their huge bags and other belongings.

On the following night, the kind netizen saw them again and ordered an extra meal for the two, but told the crew to secretly serve it to the poor man and kid. He also told the fast-food crew not tell the man where it came from.

Jollibee Store

On the third night, he was surprised after he saw that the two were still there. So he decided to purchase an extra food and personally brought it to them. The netizen took the opportunity ask the man due to his curiosity.

Jollibee Store

Ocampo finds out that Daniel was a barbecue vendor in Cubao, but eventually got kicked out from their place and lose his savings after his wife got addicted to gambling. The poor man also shared that his wife left them and never came after they went homeless.

Daniel has also went to his own family, but he was turned away by his parents after he choose to marry the woman.

The kind netizen together with his friend was planning to raise money to find a home for Daniel and baby Charles, so they could get a home before the birthday of baby Charles on September 25.

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