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Jollibee Commercial

Still Remember The Famous Kid On Hit Jollibee Commercial “Isa Pa, Isa Pang Chickenjoy”? Do you still remember the kid on popular Jollibee commercial “Isa Pa, Isa Pang Chickenjoy”? Here’s her life now after leaving showbiz. Jollibee is one of the most popular fast-food chains in the Philippines ever since, which was endorsed by numerous [...]

A group of five people has been the talk of the town (social media) after they bought every single food on the menu of the fast-food giant, Jollibee. On Facebook, series of photos and videos posted by netizen identified as Shantelle Jade Abella Suarez wowed the netizens as they share on public their one-time, big-time [...]

Fast-Food Chain Crew

Photos Of Fast-Food Chain Crew Spoon Feeding Person with Disability Is Now Making Rounds Online The photos of a fast-food chain crew who was spoon-feeding a Person with Disability (PWD) goes viral in the social media. Filipino people are very popular in different nations all around the globe because of our kindness and being hospitable to [...]

Epic Showdown

Video Clip Of Epic Showdown Of Country’s Two Giant Food Chains Goes Viral Online The video clip of epic showdown of two giant food chains in the Philippines goes viral online after it was posted in the social media. Nowadays, the competition between the fast food chains in the country has become more popular than [...]

64-Year-Old Jollibee Crew

Tatay Tony, 64-Year-Old Jollibee Crew Works Hard Despite His Old Age A 64-year-old Jollibee crew earns praises and admiration from the netizens in the social media for working hard despite his old age. Senior citizens or people 60-year-old and above usually stay at home enjoying the remaining time of their life, since their children take [...]

Jollibee Store

Netizen Jerrico Punzalan Ocampo Shared Story Of Daniel Amin Who Lives At Jollibee Store With 2-Year-Old Son A concerned netizen named Jerrico Punzalan Ocampo has shared a story of a man who lives at Jollibee store together with his 2-year-old son. Nowadays, we can hear a lot of stories about homeless people wandering the streets and [...]


Jollibee Release Official Statement, Apology To LGBT Member Who Was Allegedly Victim Of Discrimination From One Of Its Branches Jollibee Food Corporation has publicly apologized to an LGBT member named Bunny Cadag who complained of alleged discrimination from one of its branches. The lesbian gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community is a worldwide group that [...]

Generous Man

Generous Man Brought Street Kids In Jollibee The video of a kind, generous man who brought the street kids in Jollibee to have a meal goes viral after it was posted in the social media. Nowadays, there are a lot of homeless kids wandering and begging for money from people passing on the streets. Street [...]

Jollibee Crew

Jollibee Crew Braved The Flood Just To Deliver To Customers The photos of a Jollibee crew who braved the flood just to deliver food for their customers in now making rounds in the social media. Company employees were assigned and ordered to perform their task properly to maintain their job. Failure to perform the task [...]

Jollibee Commercial Bestfriend

Jollibee commercial Bestfriend caught the attention of the netizens on the social media. JOLLIBEE COMMERCIAL BESTFRIEND – The other side of the story of the commercial of Jollibee entitled ‘Bestfriend’ hooked the netizens on the social media. It was not too long ago when commercial videos by Jollibee took the online world by storm. One [...]