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Maranao People Declares Maute Terror Group As Enemy

Lanao Official Says Maranao People Declared Maute Terror Group As Their Enemy

An official from Lanao del Sur said that the Maute Terrorist Group has been declared by the Maranao people as their enemy.

On Saturday (August 12, 2017), Lanao del Sur Provincial Crisis Management Committee spokesman and Assemblyman Zia Alonto Adiong said the ISIS-inspired Maute group is now an enemy of Maranao people after all the mayors in the province signed the Manifesto.

The Manifesto affirms that the extremist group was now the enemy of the province. It also described the terrorist group under Daulah Islamiyah or Islamic State. Dawla Islamiyya or known as the Maute Group and its members are now enemies of Meranao or Maranao people.

Maranao People

“We will engage the Maute on all fronts. Mobilizing all sectors, stakeholders to combine our efforts to counter the spread of false teachings, radicalization of our youth and the threat of terrorism,” said by Adiong quoted by GMA.

Maranao People

Maute Group

Adiong also said that the officials of the local city government will intensify their security. The authorities in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) also expressed their opposition the extremists’ group who caused terrorism in Marawi City.

Maranao People

Meanwhile, the government forces were now making bigger efforts to end the crisis in Marawi City as the military confined the conflict zone in 1 sq. kilometer. The authorities have also strengthened their security in the Lanao Lake area.

Maranao People

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