Higher Tax For Junk Food Pushed

The Department of Health, Department of Education and Philippine Heart Association, says it’s time to place Sin Tax in Junk Food

Higher Tax for Junk Food aims of the Department of Health, Department of Education, and Philippine Heart Association to discourage children to consume these products.

Higher Tax For Junk Food Pushed

In a report it indicates that no matter how the parents’ control the food their children consume, the junk food and other unhealthy food is too accessible for children to buy outside the schools. According to DOH, junk food are affordable food so it is easy for the students to buy. The department have reminded that these foods contains high sugar, salt and also adds up to obesity of children.

To avoid these things to happen, the government agencies thought of a solution that will help in securing the health of the student and that is to place junk foods and soft drinks under the sin tax where it will make the cost higher for such products.

It is also expected that it will prosper under the Duterte administration, gaining support from the incoming president-elect. This is to discourage the kids to buy since the products will be no longer accessible for them with higher tax.

While the plan is not yet into the implementation, the sectors concerned will talk and think of ways to regulate the products being sold outside the schools to ensure that the children will not be able to buy these things easily, given the possible harm it will cause the children’s health.

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