DOH Secretary: Bongbong Marcos Did Not Offer It to Vergeire?

DOH Secretary Not Offered, Dr. Maria Rosario Vergeire

DOH SECRETARY -Department of Health OIC Dr. Maria Rosario Vergeire spoke regarding the top post in the health department. Currently, the top position in the Department of Health (DOH) remains vacant. There were recent appointments that occupy the other positions under it but President Bongbong Marcos has yet to appoint someone to be the DOH … Read more

DOH Says 82 Cases of COVID-19 XBB Omicron Subvariant Recorded in PH

COVID-19 XBB Omicron Subvariant

COVID-19 XBB OMICRON SUBVARIANT – The Department of Health (DOH) confirmed 82 cases of the XBB subvariant of omicron in the Philippines. The Philippines and several countries across the globe remain in the midst of a battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. While the World Health Organization (WHO) said that the end of the pandemic is … Read more

DOH Confirms 190 Cases of COVID-19 XBC Variant in PH, Deaths Recorded

DOH on COVID-19 XBC Variant

COVID-19 XBC VARIANT – The Department of Health (DOH) confirmed 190 cases of the XBC variant of COVID-19 in the Philippines. The World Health Organization (WHO) previously said that the world is in a much better situation now with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic but countries must remain vigilant. While the end of the pandemic … Read more

BREAKING NEWS: DOH Confirms COVID-19 XBB Subvariant in PH

COVID-19 XBB Subvariant

COVID-19 XBB SUBVARIANT – The Department of Health (DOH) confirmed that a case of the said subvariant of COVID-19 was recorded in the Philippines. Amid the improved COVID-19 situation across the globe, the health authorities continue to remind the public that the pandemic is not yet over. The World Health Organization (WHO) eyed to end … Read more

Omicron Subvariant Records 814 Cases in Philippines

Omicron Subvariant

800 More Omicron Subvariant Detected this Week Omicron Subvariant detected in Philippines for more than 800+ cases logs this week the Department of Health (DOH) said on Tuesday. In the past week, the Philippines discovered over 800 more cases of the COVID-19 Omicron subvariants, according to a report released on Tuesday by the Department of … Read more

Metro Manila COVID Risk Level: DOH Makes Announcement

Metro Manila COVID Risk Level

METRO MANILA COVID RISK LEVEL – The Department of Health (DOH) made an announcement about the COVID risk level in the capital region. The COVID pandemic is not yet over but the World Health Organization (WHO) recently said that the end of the pandemic is in sight. However, in the Philippines, the COVID risk level … Read more

COVID Positivity Rate in PH: DOH Releases Statement

COVID Positivity Rate

COVID POSITIVITY RATE – The Department of Health (DOH) released a statement about the COVID-19 positivity rate in the Philippines now. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently said that there the end of the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet here but it is already in sight. The international body reminds countries to remain vigilant and … Read more

Mandatory Face Mask Protocol Lifted in PH, DOH Speaks on Decision

Mandatory Face Mask

MANDATORY FACE MASK – The Department of Health (DOH) spoke on the lifting of the protocol for non-vulnerable sectors. Malacañang announced yesterday the lifting of the mandatory face mask protocol in outdoor areas. DOH agrees with the decision. Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, the health department stressed that the decision was made out … Read more