All Three Great Plagues Came From China, Will This Be The Fourth?

All Three Great Plagues Originated From China, Will COVID-19 Be The Fourth? ALL THREE GREAT PLAGUES – Historically speaking, all three of the great plague waves have their origins traced back to China. With the rampant spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus or COVID-19, this begs the question “Could the outbreak be the fourth great plague?“. … Read more

3 Year Old Readmitted After Testing Negative For Coronavirus

3 Year Old Readmitted To Hospital After Negative Coronavirus Test 3 YEAR OLD READMITTED – A 3-year-old girl was readmitted to the hospital after testing negative for the Wuhan coronavirus or COVID-19. According to a report from NBC, the young girl named Annabel Wucinski had been under isolation at Rady Children’s Hospital. Following this, the … Read more

New Coronavirus Study: 14 Days Of Quarantine May Not Be Enough

Research On New Coronavirus Study Reveals Longer Incubation Periods NEW CORONAVIRUS STUDY – According to new research based on data gathered from over 1,000 patients from mainland China revealed that the incubation period for the virus could be longer than previously thought. Before, experts believed that the incubation period for the Wuhan coronavirus could be … Read more

Coronavirus Death Toll Over 1000, Number Of Infected Reach 42,500

Wuhan Coronavirus Death Toll Spikes To 1000, Infected Over 42,500 CORONAVIRUS DEATH TOLL OVER 1000 – The new coronavirus outbreak that started in Wuhan fails to show signs of slowing down as it reached new heights today. Health authorities in the province of Hubei had reported an additional 103 deaths due to the Wuhan coronavirus. … Read more

Hundreds In Hazmat Suits Prepares Apartment Raid In China (VIDEO)

Hundreds In Hazmat Suits Prepare To Enter Apartment Block In China HUNDREDS IN HAZMAT SUITS – Amidst the coronavirus outbreak in China, citizen journalists have been censored for spreading “false rumors” online. In the last 2 months, the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak had killed over 904 people globally, surpassing the deaths caused by SARS. Along with … Read more

Coronavirus: Japan Cruise Ship Reports 61 More Positive Cases

Japan Coronavirus

Japan Cruise Ship Reports 61 More Positive Cases for Coronavirus CORONAVIRUS – A total of 61 people on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship quarantined off the coast of Japan have tested positive for coronavirus. Japan government quarantined the Diamond Princess cruise ship for 14 days after an 80-year-old Hong Kong passenger board on it … Read more

Coronavirus: 2 Newborn Babies Tested Positive For nCoV

coronavirus Baby china 3

2 Newborn Babies Tested Positive For Coronavirus CORONAVIRUS – 2 newborn babies in Wuhan City, China tested positive for the coronavirus. Thousands of people have already contracted the 2019 novel coronavirus. The outbreak first started in Wuhan City, China. The deadly virus likely originated in their wet market. NCoV is spreading rapidly and crossing borders. … Read more

Wuhan Coronavirus Death Toll Almost 500 – Philippine News

Global Death Toll For Wuhan Coronavirus Almost Reaches 500 WUHAN CORONAVIRUS DEATH TOLL – Governments and health authorities are in a race to contain the coronavirus outbreak that started in Wuhan China. According to health authorities in Hubei, 65 people died from the virus. This raised the number of deaths in the province to 479 … Read more