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All Three Great Plagues Originated From China, Will COVID-19 Be The Fourth?

ALL THREE GREAT PLAGUES – Historically speaking, all three of the great plague waves have their origins traced back to China.

With the rampant spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus or COVID-19, this begs the question “Could the outbreak be the fourth great plague?“.

There are a number of experts in the fields of virology and epidemiology that believe the new coronavirus could potentially become a global pandemic.

An expert virologist that was in the front line of the 2003 SARS outbreak suggested that it might be 10x worse than SARS. One epidemiologist even believed it could be deadlier than the 1918 Spanish Influenza that killed 17 – 100 million people.

Connections to China

Back in 2010, medical geneticists suggested that all three of the great plagues originated from China. This included the “Black Death” plague that ravaged through Europe between 1347 and 1351.

All Three Great Plagues Came From China, Will This Be The Fourth?
Image from: Genetic Literacy Project

Meanwhile, the Spanish Influenza or Spanish flu that caused the deaths of up to a million people also came from China. In addition, the third major Bubonic Plague pandemic also originated from Yunnan, China in 1855.

All Three Great Plagues Came From China, Will This Be The Fourth?
Image from: Horizon

Along with this, the first Plague Pandemic, the Justinian Plague (541-542 AD) that caused 25-50 million deaths also had its origins linked to China.

All Three Great Plagues Came From China, Will This Be The Fourth?
Image from: The Restored Church Of God

How did it spread from China?

The answer is quite simple, global trade. As China opened its door to ocean-going trade, the plague was transferred via rats that harbored infected fleas as well as infected persons.

Another method of transmission was primarily pneumonic. This had a strong person-to-person contagion much like what we see today with COVID-19.

Instead of trading goods and products, we’re trading tourists. This opens for the potential of the virus, which has been known to spread without symptoms to spread without being detected.

What’s Different Now?

Surely, there have been massive leaps in technology and medicine since those plagues began. However, the question would now be a matter of how fast we can use new technology to shut down the spread of the virus outbreak.

Recently, scientists have begun using blood from recovered COVID-19 patients. The China National Biotec Group had announced that virus-neutralizing antibodies were extracted from the plasma of recovered patients.

But, will the antibodies or vaccines arrive in time before COVID-19 becomes a pandemic?

Currently, there are 1,770 global deaths due to the virus outbreak with the majority being from China. Along with this, there have been more than 17,204 confirmed cases of the virus worldwide.

However, a Chinese billionaire had recently claimed to have insider information regarding the true numbers of the coronavirus outbreak.

Businessman Guo Wengui revealed leaks from Wuhan crematoriums. He said that based on the number of burning bodies in their furnaces, the death toll could be as high as 50,000.

Wengui also stated that the actual number of confirmed cases had already surpassed 1.5 million. He emphasized that these are not suspected cases, but confirmed ones.

Government Censorships and Conspiracy

The government of China has been called out by thousands upon thousands of its residents for withholding information about the outbreak.

Whistleblowers of the virus have been arrested or “forced into quarantine” while the government had been reportedly spreading propaganda of their own.

There have been videos posted online that showed the propaganda bureau filming the army pretending to “clean the streets” so that the west would continue to buy Chinese goods.

A rumor was also being spread that local gans are now being hired by the government to do dirty work.

As China continues to hide the whole truth, what do you think is going to happen in the near future? Leave a comment below.

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