Hundreds In Hazmat Suits Prepares Apartment Raid In China (VIDEO)

Hundreds In Hazmat Suits Prepare To Enter Apartment Block In China

HUNDREDS IN HAZMAT SUITS – Amidst the coronavirus outbreak in China, citizen journalists have been censored for spreading “false rumors” online.

Hundreds In Hazmat Suits Prepares Apartment Raid In China (VIDEO)
Screenshot from: Sam Pye | Twitter

In the last 2 months, the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak had killed over 904 people globally, surpassing the deaths caused by SARS. Along with this, over 40,000 cases of the new coronavirus have been confirmed by authorities.

A Chinese doctor who had warned his colleagues about a SARS-like virus emerging has died from the Wuhan virus. This gained the attention of the authorities.

Afterward, he was summoned and forced to sign a reprimand letter where he was accused of “spreading rumors online” and “severely disrupting social order”.

Along with this, there have been several reports of citizen journalists being censored by authorities for sharing videos about what’s really happening inside of China.

Recently, a netizen on Twitter shared a video showing hundreds of men in hazmats suits preparing to enter an apartment block in China.

Along with this, there had also been videos that showed people being forcibly quarantined by authorities.

Aside from this, hundreds of videos online have surfaced that showed bodies being carried out of homes and apartments.

It’s very likely that China is using its power to silence those who try to interrupt and censor those who could potentially cause massive public panic. However, the lack of transparency from the government has got experts concerned.

Following this, China had already imposed harsh punishments, including the death penalty, for those who try and hinder their work on containing the virus.

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