Virgin Mary Image in Cebu, Crying Blood and Water

Virgin Mary

Blessed Image of Virgin Mary in Cebu is Crying Blood and Water Miraculous image of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is crying with blood and water in Simala Shrine, Simala Cebu. The Blessed Virgin Mary’s image is reported to have shed blood and water on multiple occasions, according to devotees in Cebu. It is believed that … Read more

Image of Virgin Mary Allegedly Appeared in Corn at Iligan City

Virgin Mary

Devotees Visit Image of Virgin Mary That Allegedly Appeared in Corn at Iligan City The image of the Virgin Mary has allegedly appeared in corn at Iligan City, the experts and Church officials expressed their reactions. Numerous devotees from different areas were visiting and praying on corn in Iligan City. According to the residents, the … Read more

Statues of Virgin Mary, Padre Pio Humiliated in a Parish in Albay

Albay Parish Condemns People Who Humiliated Statues of Virgin Mary, Padre Pio Some statues of saints in a church like Padre Pio and Virgin Mary in Legazpi City in Albay have been desecrated and defaced by an unidentified assailant. In a report of GMA News, the statue of Padre Pio can be seen with his … Read more

Homeless Man Attacks Virgin Mary Painting for Not Granting His Prayers

Homeless Man

Homeless Man Throwing Stones at Virgin Mary Painting Caught on Camera A homeless man attacks and destroys a Virgin Mary painting inside of a church for not granting his prayer for a miracle. Recently, a homeless man identified as Jorge was caught throwing stones at the painting of the Virgin Mary inside the metropolitan Christian cathedral of … Read more

The Feast of Nativity or Birth of Blessed Virgin Mary


The Feast of Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary BLESSED VIRGIN MARY – The nativity or the birth of Blessed Virgin Mary is one of the Christian feast days celebrated all around the world. The Catholic Church and the devotees usually celebrate the feast every September 8. Mary, the mother of Jesus plays a very important … Read more

Crying Statue of Virgin Mary Mysteriously Weep Tears of Blood

Crying Statue

Crying Statue of Virgin Mary Mysteriously Weeping Tears of Blood Caught on Camera The crying statue of Virgin Mary mysteriously weeping tear of blood was caught on camera and now making rounds on social media. A Facebook user named Sudip Roy has shared the images of Virgin Mary statue, which was allegedly crying blood tears. … Read more

Virgin Mary Photo Image Goes Viral from Malaysia

Virgin Mary Image

The image of the Blessed Virgin Mary in a Medical Center window in Subang Jaya Malaysia goes viral already especially the photo shared on Facebook. The image have already “grown clearer” after several days, it was witnessed by some people who have visited the Sime Darby Medical Centre. According to some onlookers who have visited … Read more