Police Officer Goes Viral For “Body Search Method”

Police Officer Goes Viral Due To Unconventional Search Methods POLICE OFFICER VIRAL – A police officer got famous online after showing an unconventional frisking method. Usually, when police apprehend a suspect they search his body for any potential threats such as weapons or illegal narcotics. Furthermore, you’d see cops simply frisking a suspect, patting them … Read more

Arrogant Vlogger Defames Street Vendors for Views Earned Criticisms

Arrogant Vlogger Criticized Online After He Defames Street Vendors The online community is enraged after an arrogant vlogger defames street vendors selling fruits, claiming that they are uneducated citizens. Netizens lambasted the vlogger uploading videos on the media streaming platform “TikTok” after his latest upload catches attention online. A TikTok user is known as “Madam … Read more

Justin Dizon: PBB Connect Housemate Biography, Controversial Issues

Biography of PBB Connect Housemate Justin Dizon JUSTIN DIZON- Biography of the Courageous Cabalen of Pampanga who enters Pinoy Big Brother Connect and his trending issues. Justin Joseph Capati Dizon is among the fifteen lucky housemates who entered the PBB house.  Justin was dubbed as the Courageous Cabalen of Pampanga as he was born and … Read more

Para Saan Ang Quarantine Pass? Kagawad Vs Angry Resident (VIDEO)

Stubborn Kagawad Gets Asked “Para Saan Ang Quarantine Pass” PARA SAAN ANG QUARANTINE PASS? – Amid the coronavirus quarantine, there are always stubborn residents who breaks protocol. In this video, we could see a resident outside of his home leisurely. As such, he was approached by a baranggay kagawad and was asked what his quarantine … Read more

Man Knocked Out After Forceful Attempt To Leave Quarantine Area

Man Shouts, Picks Fight With Authorities At Checkpoint, Gets Knocked Out MAN KNOCKED OUT – Several countermeasures were imposed as the Philippines fought against COVID-19. Among these methods was placing some areas of the country under an enhanced community quarantine. As such, the local government units upheld a system where only those with quarantine passes … Read more

Man Punches Daughters During Intense Argument (VIDEO)

Man Punches Daughters During Heated Argument (VIDEO) MAN PUNCHES DAUGHTERS – A netizen on Facebook uploaded a disturbing video that showed domestic abuse. Facebook Page IyaN NaH uploaded a video showing how a man punched his own daughters during a heated argument. At the start of the video, you see the mother trying to get … Read more