Police Officer Goes Viral For “Body Search Method”

Police Officer Goes Viral Due To Unconventional Search Methods

POLICE OFFICER VIRAL – A police officer got famous online after showing an unconventional frisking method.

Usually, when police apprehend a suspect they search his body for any potential threats such as weapons or illegal narcotics. Furthermore, you’d see cops simply frisking a suspect, patting them down from head to toe.

However, this cop had something else in mind. After he caught up with the suspect, he continued to do basic frisking. But, when he got to the man’s feet, he surprised everybody when he flipped the man over and shook him upside down.

Police Officer Goes Viral For "Body Search Method"

Here is the video uploaded on social media platform, Reddit:

As ridiculous as it may seem, netizens on the internet explained that the cop had a good reason for his actions. According to them, this method was used as most criminals don’t have gun holsters with good retention.

In a country like Brazil, I can imagine most with illegal firearms would not have a nicely pressed kydex holster fit to that gun, especially if they may be ditching that gun for another in the future. Im not sure if this is Brazil, but the other video I saw of a cop doing this was Brazil and I can’t imagine it would be that common of a strategy lol.

Meanwhile, others compared what the cop did to a kid trying to empty his piggy bank for the first time. However, others think that the cop was out-of-line with his actions. One netizens commented:

Based on the typical charcoal bags on the sidewalk and a previous video showing another police officer doing the same to a different suspect in Brazil, which went viral not long ago, the police officer shown on this post is basically mimicking what he saw on the internet and is shaking the suspect as a way to publicly humiliate him and not to actually search his belongings. Just Brazilian cops acting sadistically, as usual.

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