Travel Insurance: What Is It & How Does It Work?

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Travel Insurance And Its Use TRAVEL INSURANCE – Here are the reasons why Travel Insurance is important for travelers and why it’s needed. Travel Insurance stands as one of the most important investments for people who want to travel, with its significance heightened when voyaging abroad due to its comprehensive coverage of various potential hazards. … Read more

2023 Best Travel Hacks That Will Help You Save Money

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Top Travel Hacks to Help You Save Money in the Year 2023 TRAVEL HACKS – Here are nineteen (19) best travel hacks to help you save money in the year 2023. If you’re considering traveling again after the COVID-19 pandemic, you might have some concerns about the changes and challenges in finding good travel deals … Read more

Travel Tips: Spot A Bad Hotel That Can Ruin Your Vacation

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Know these travel tips in spotting the right hotel for you Travel Tips – Know how to spot a bad hotel that can ruin your much-awaited and planned vacation. Many people love a well-planned vacation and there are even those who plan their getaway for a very long time. However, sometimes, expectation versus reality strikes … Read more

Try Mermaid Course: Wanna Become A Certified Mermaid?

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Try Mermaid Course will give you a unique underwater experience Try Mermaid Course – Have you ever dreamed of becoming a mermaid? Visit this school that will teach you to become one. Mermaids are among the most-loved characters by many kids and kids at heart as well. Nowadays, there are people who are actually taking … Read more

Tirta Spring Villa: Perfect Weekend Getaway Spot Near Manila

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Visit Tirta Spring Villa in Laguna Tirta Spring Villa – Laguna boasts this perfect weekend getaway spot and it is just a 1.5-hour car ride from Manila via SLEX. It is located inside Lakewood Estates which is a gated subdivision in Los Baños. Guest would easily feel secure because of roving guards and 8 perimeter … Read more

Explore Antique: New Normal ‘Pasyalans’ In The Province

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Here’s what to expect if you explore Antique Amid the pandemic, these are the new normal “pasyalans” that local and foreign tourists can explore in Antique. As traveling is now allowed in many areas in the Philippines, the tourism industry is somehow going back to normal. There were several popular tourist destinations in the country … Read more