2023 Best Travel Hacks That Will Help You Save Money

Top Travel Hacks to Help You Save Money in the Year 2023

TRAVEL HACKS – Here are nineteen (19) best travel hacks to help you save money in the year 2023.

If you’re considering traveling again after the COVID-19 pandemic, you might have some concerns about the changes and challenges in finding good travel deals and navigating destinations smoothly.

Knowing the art of budget travel enables you to explore all corners of the globe. Most world-traveling backpackers aren’t wealthy; they’re adept at best travel tricks, often learning them during their journeys.


Here Are The Best Travel Hacks

1. Book In The Afternoon

While it’s commonly understood that flight prices can fluctuate throughout the week, fewer people are aware that prices also shift within the day. To cut costs, it’s wise to book flights in the afternoon, as morning bookings by business travelers often result in higher prices.

2. Check Prices On The Less Popular Booking Sites

Online travel agencies allow you to compare prices across various airlines simultaneously. Frequently, less popular platforms offer more substantial discounts compared to major booking sites. Some recommended sites for price checks are Going, Vayama, and CheapOAir.

3. Set Up Flight Alerts

One of the top money-saving travel strategies is signing up for flight price alerts. Services like AirfareWatchDog notify you whenever prices drop for your chosen departure destination. Similarly, Scott’s Cheap Flights sends deal alerts for a small fee; these often include time-sensitive mistake fares that can save you a significant amount.

4. Choose Affordable Accommodation

Apart from flights, accommodation expenses rank high when planning a trip. However, if you’re willing to forgo standardized hotels for more budget-friendly options, you can allocate more funds to activities. Hostels, whether basic or upscale, provide excellent service quality and are cost-effective alternatives. Booking.com is useful for finding competitive rates on both hostels and hotels.

5. Earn Money While Traveling

In the current market, there exist numerous ways to earn money during your travels. Teaching English to individuals of various ages or freelancing on platforms like Upwork are a couple of viable options.

6. Become A House-Sitter

House-sitting might not be a common consideration while traveling, yet it presents an excellent opportunity to not just secure cost-free lodging but also to gain a deeper understanding of the daily life in your travel destination.

7. Shop Like A Local

For everyday necessities like produce and coffee, opt for the local market over the nearest supermarket chain. Particularly in regions like Asia and South America, you’ll discover a comprehensive selection of items at a more affordable price.

8. Make Use Of Your Carry-On Luggage

Almost all airlines grant you one complimentary piece of hand luggage. If you’re uncertain about the weight of your larger suitcases, endeavor to fit as much as possible into your carry-on baggage (within the specified dimensions) to evade additional charges at the airport. Better yet, consider traveling with only carry-on luggage.

9. Don’t Change Currency At The Airport

The period leading up to your departure might be hectic, but it’s vital to allocate time for currency exchange at your bank. Airports are notorious for providing unfavorable exchange rates. With a bit of extra effort, you can save a substantial sum.

10. Don’t Pay For WiFi, Find It For Free

While many Open WiFi zones might prompt you to purchase a data package, finding free WiFi is remarkably simple when you’re in the midst of bars and restaurants. Where there’s a crowd, there’s usually WiFi!


11. Use An 8-week Rule For Flights

Research has indicated that the optimal timeframe to secure flight bookings is around 8 weeks in advance. Waiting longer can lead to higher prices, while booking even earlier might pose risks of unforeseen changes in your plans, rendering your ticket useless.

12. Learn The Art Of Haggling

This principle applies not only to lodging but also extends to various goods found in markets and stores, particularly in many countries. It’s surprising how numerous hotels are open to negotiating rates to maintain their occupancy rates. Similarly, street vendors are usually willing to reach a reasonable agreement through haggling.

13. Get Multi-Day Passes

If your stay in a particular city or country spans more than a few days, consider investing in an all-inclusive multi-day pass. This pass allows unlimited use of transportation within the area and can be a substantial money-saving strategy.

14. Use Public Transport, Not Taxis

While taxis or ride-sharing services like Uber can be convenient for airport transfers with heavy luggage, public transportation should be your primary choice for getting around in other situations.

15. Make The Most Of Lunchtime Menus

Choosing to have your main meal during lunch rather than dinner can lead to significant savings. Many esteemed restaurants offer top-quality food during lunch hours at a fraction of their evening prices.

16. Rent An Apartment

With platforms like Airbnb simplifying comfortable and stylish city getaways, renting an apartment often proves more economical than an extended hotel stay. Moreover, you’ll enjoy the added advantage of personal space and complete privacy.

17. Cook At Home

While hotels might lack cooking facilities, hostels, and rented apartments frequently provide them. The straightforward act of preparing your own meals using local ingredients can substantially reduce your travel expenses.

18. Find Free Things To Do

Metropolitan areas offer an array of complimentary experiences, ranging from guided walking tours to free tastings at farmer’s markets. This tactic helps attract visitors to the city. A quick online search for “free activities + your location” will unveil numerous opportunities for budget-friendly entertainment.

19. Use Downloadable And Digital Guides

To access the most up-to-date information about discounts, no-cost activities, affordable dining options, and noteworthy attractions, consider downloading a city guide tailored to your chosen destination. This resource will serve as a handy reference during your travels.

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