Try Mermaid Course: Wanna Become A Certified Mermaid?

Try Mermaid Course will give you a unique underwater experience

Try Mermaid Course – Have you ever dreamed of becoming a mermaid? Visit this school that will teach you to become one.

Mermaids are among the most-loved characters by many kids and kids at heart as well. Nowadays, there are people who are actually taking a course to become mermaids with colorful tails.

try mermaid course
📷: The Pinay Mermaid FB Page

Based on the article in, Scuba Schools International is offering the Try Mermaid Course. In Manila, there is a certified mermaid instructor and she goes by the name The Pinay Mermaid or Mermaid Amarie.

This course will teach the students the basic mermaid movements,  breath hold techniques, and safety skills necessary to conduct yourself with a tail in the pool properly. It costs P2,500 and this is inclusive of pool fees, locker fees, SSI Try Mermaid completion certificate, use of fins and mermaid skins, and photos and videos that will be taken during the class.

The class is open to aged six and up with basic swimming training. The session will take three to four hours and this usually takes place in a confined pool space within Metro Manila. Take note that the location of the classes can change.

In order to maximize the pool size and the photo op session, The Pinay Mermaid is limiting the number of students per class. “There is beauty in power and power in grace through Mermaiding,” Mermaid Amarie said about the experience that the Try Mermaid Course participants could have.

try mermaid course
📷: The Pinay Mermaid FB Page

Following the beginner class, participants can proceed to the Mermaid Course which is a more in-depth class and will prepare them to swim in their tail in a contained water environment.

After that, they can proceed to Ocean Mermaid Course. This is for those who want to bring their Mermaid Swimming skills to the next level and be ready to swim in the seas. There is also a course for those who like to make this a profession. They can take the Mermaid Instructor Course.

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