Female Traffic Enforcer Earns Praise for Refusing to Accept Bribe from Motorist

Female Traffic Enforcer

Female Traffic Refuses to Accept Bribe from Motorist Who Commits Violation A female traffic enforcer earns praise online for refusing to accept a bribe from an errant motorist who committed a violation. A traffic enforcer from the Inter-agency Council for Traffic (i-ACT) has shown courage and honesty after a driver, who violated the policy by … Read more

Security Guard Dies After Entangled in Confrontation Between Cops & Traffic Violator

Security Guard

Security Guard Lost His Life After Entangled in Shooting Incident Between Police and Motorcycle Rider A security guard lost his life after becoming entangled in an intense confrontation between the police and a motorcycle rider. The unfortunate incident took place in the streets of Caloocan, where police officers were conducting a routine checkpoint operation along … Read more

MTPB Personnel Caught on Camera Violating Traffic Policy

MTPB Personnel

MTPB Personnel Caught on Camera Violating Traffic Policy The online community lambasted a disobedient MTPB personnel for violating the traffic rules and regulations. The Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau is a credible and unprejudiced Traffic Enforcement Unit which ensures public safety and enhances the community. The group is responsible for supervising the flow of traffic … Read more

Traffic Offender to Pay P70k Worth of Penalty Due to Multiple Violations

Traffic Offender

Traffic Offender Airs Dismay Due to P70k Worth of Penalty For Committing Multiple Violations A traffic offender is required to pay P70, 000 worth of penalty after committing multiple violations since January 2022. The Facebook page “Philippines CCTV & DASH Spotted” has shared the video footage of a traffic offender who expressed his disappointment with … Read more

Video of Traffic Enforcer Calling Violator “Tanga” During Apprehension Goes Viral

Kamote Rider

Traffic Enforcer Calling Violator “Tanga” During Apprehension Elicits Comments Online The video footage of a traffic enforcer calling a violator “Tanga” during apprehension goes viral and elicits comments online. Traffic enforcer is a personnel hired by the local government agencies to help control and manage the flow of traffic along the road. Road officers are … Read more

Papa’s Boy Traffic Violator Earns Criticisms for Disrespecting Authorities

Traffic Violator

Netizens Slam Papa’s Boy Traffic Violator Disrespecting Authorities The video footage of a Papa’s boy traffic violator earned criticisms online for disrespecting MMDA and police officers. Nowadays, the massive traffic congestion has been one of the major problems in different regions across the Philippines. Excessive number of vehicles is one of the major factors of heavy traffic … Read more

Traffic Enforcers Apprehend Rider w/ New Motorcycle For Wearing Nutshell Helmet

Traffic Enforcers

Video of Traffic Enforcers Apprehending Rider w/ Brand New Motorcycle For Wearing Nutshell Helmet Goes Viral TRAFFIC VIOLATOR – Several traffic enforcers apprehended a rider with a brand new motorcycle for wearing a nutshell helmet. The traffic authorities and the Philippine government are working together to implement stricter rules and regulations to reduce the increase cases of … Read more

MMDA Chief Slams Traffic Violator For Repeating Same Violation

MMDA Chief

MMDA Chief Scolds Traffic Violator For Committing Repeated Violation For The Third Time The MMDA chief Edison Bong Nebrija lambasted a traffic violator after repeating the same violation for the third time. The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority is an agency of the Republic of the Philippines implementing the planning, monitoring and coordinative functions along the road concerning … Read more

Kind Traffic Enforcer Earns Praises for Assisting Traffic Violator w/ Medical Emergency

Kind Traffic Enforcer

Netizens Lauded Kind Traffic For Assisting Traffic Violator w/ Medical Emergency A kind traffic enforcer earned praises and admiration online after assisting a traffic violator with a medical emergency. The Facebook page “Wanna Fact Ph” has shared the photo of a kind-hearted traffic personnel who assisted a traffic violator to bring a young kid to … Read more