Netizens Slam Papa’s Boy Traffic Violator Disrespecting Authorities

The video footage of a Papa’s boy traffic violator earned criticisms online for disrespecting MMDA and police officers.

Nowadays, the massive traffic congestion has been one of the major problems in different regions across the Philippines. Excessive number of vehicles is one of the major factors of heavy traffic along the streets.

Illegal parking is also considered as a violation of traffic rules and regulations, which contributes to the worsening traffic congestion in the country. Traffic offenders would face corresponding sanctions and penalties based on their offenses.

Traffic Violator

MMDA traffic czar Edison Bong Nebrija has shared the video footage of a traffic violator disrespecting MMDA and police officers. The video circulates online and garnered various reactions from the netizens.

In the video, it can be seen that the traffic enforcers were about to tow an illegally parked vehicle when the car owner lost control and went hysterical. The latter even lay underneath the tow truck.

The guy even cursed and badmouthed the traffic enforcers for attempting to tow his vehicle. The violator even disrespected the police officers in uniform and accused them of committing violations.

The alleged Papa’s boy who commit an illegal parking violation also tried to call his dad for help.

However, the police officers observed maximum tolerance during the apprehension. The supposed simple ticket and towing turned into something much worse due to the violator’s inappropriate and disrespectful behavior.

Traffic Violator

Here is the full post:

“Papa’s Boy gone wild!

Di ko alam kung matatawa ako dito o maiinis eh. There is a right venue to contest such apprehension and no need for dramas like this. And to say “Shut the fuck up” to the police officer my goodness, ibalik na po ang ROTC!

Illegal parking lang tapos maposasan ka, it’s not worth it! That’s awwwwful!”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

Traffic Violator

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