Traffic Enforcers Apprehend Rider w/ New Motorcycle For Wearing Nutshell Helmet

Video of Traffic Enforcers Apprehending Rider w/ Brand New Motorcycle For Wearing Nutshell Helmet Goes Viral

TRAFFIC VIOLATOR – Several traffic enforcers apprehended a rider with a brand new motorcycle for wearing a nutshell helmet.

The traffic authorities and the Philippine government are working together to implement stricter rules and regulations to reduce the increase cases of vehicular accidents along the road.

The authorities also urged the motorcycle rider to wear appropriate gears when driving along the road to avoid suffering major injuries during accidents.

Traffic Enforcers

The Facebook page “InterAgency Council for Traffic – IACT” has shared the video footage of some traffic enforcers apprehending a traffic violator for wearing a substandard helmet. The video garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the video, it can be seen that the motorcycle rider stopped after apprehended by the road personnel. The traffic aids apprehended him for wearing a nutshell helmet, which is unsafe during high-speed crash impacts.

The motorist peacefully presented his driver’s license and admitted mistakes. The violator explained that he prefer to use nutshell rather half-face or full face helmet because fog makes his eyeglass blurry.

I-ACT gave him a Temporary Operators Permit (TOP) because of his violation. The officers reminded him to wear appropriate gears for his own safety.

Here is the full post:

Gwapo sana ang pormahan ng rider na ito na merong bagong motorsiklo, ngunit gumagamit siya ng substandard o nutshell helmet habang binabaybay ang kahabaan ng EDSA.

Hindi ito pinalagpas ng mga operatiba ng I-ACT at binigyan siya ng Temporary Operators Permit (TOP) dahil hindi akma ang kanyang helmet na bagay lamang sa pormahang pangsiklista. Depense ng driver, mabilis raw lumalabo ang salamin ng kanyang motorcycle helmet kaya hindi ito ang kanyang ginagamit.

Kamot-ulo man ang ating mga operatiba sa kanyang depensa, pinaalalahanan nila ang rider na gumamit ng akmang helmet na babagay sa high-speed crash impacts mula sa paggamit ng motor.

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Traffic Enforcers

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