Cebuana Lhuillier’s Guard Tag As “Bastos” By Netizen

Cebuana Lhuillier's Guard

Netizen Calls Cebuana Lhuillier’s Guard As “Bastos” A netizen has called a Cebuana Lhuillier’s guard as “bastos” after showing his rude behavior towards the customers claiming their remittance. A security guard is a company employee or a private person who is hired to protect and secure the safety of the people inside a certain business … Read more

Viral Now: Security Guards At Department Store Nab Man Who Allegedly Shoplifted Items

Department Store

Alleged Shoplifter Nabbed By Security Guards In Department Store The security guard of Gaisano Department Store in Bacolod City nabbed a man who allegedly shoplifted several items from the store. Shoplifting is a term used for the unnoticed theft who took items from open retail establishments. People who concealed store items inside its bag, pocket, … Read more

Viral Now: Vilma Nikki Dunn Expresses Disappointment On Security Guard Of Popular Fast-Food Chain

Popular Fast-Food Chain

Security Guard Of A Popular Fast-Food Chain Allegedly Discriminated One Of Their Customers A netizen named Vilma Nikki Dunn expressed her disappointment to the security guard of a popular fast-food chain after doing something unexpected. Security guards were tasked to protect and secure the peace and order within the establishment. They were also assigned to … Read more

Arrogant Businesswoman Insults Security Guard “Gwardya Ka Lang, Negosyante Ako!”

Arrogant Businesswoman

Arrogant Businesswoman Insults Security Guard After Prohibiting Her To Enter Mall Entrance An arrogant businesswoman rants and insulted a security saying “Gwardya Ka Lang, Negosyante Ako!” after prohibiting her from entering mall premises. Security guards are the people who secure the safety of buildings, subdivisions, schools, homes, and other business establishments. They were only performing … Read more

Honest Security Guard Returns Pouch Containing P500k

Honest Security Guard

Honest Security Guard Returns Pouch Containing P500k To Owner An honest security guard found a pouch containing cash amounting P500, 000 and immediately returned it to its respective owner. Nowadays, we can rarely see an honest people who choose to do what is right and can’t be dazzled by money. There is some quotation saying … Read more

Watch as This Security Guard Stop the Bank Robbers Like a Boss. Thumbs Up!

Security is probably one of the factors that an establishment, institution, group or company must consider. Security personnel are present to guard not just your building but also the people working in your premises. However, there are security guards who are stereotyped inattentive on their duty. But such notion is not on the vocabulary of this security … Read more