Security Guard Caught on Camera Treating Lady Passenger Harshly

Video of Security Guard Treating Lady Passenger Harshly Goes Viral

The video footage of a security guard treating a lady passenger harshly inside the train in Xian, China circulates online.

Earlier this week, the video footage of a female passenger having an exchange of heated argument with a security guard earned various reactions from the social media users. The argument leads into an intense commotion.

The guard grabbed the Chinese woman, pulled her off the bench and dragged her off the train. The lady’s clothes were torn and her belongings scattered on the floor due to the incident.

Security Guard

The lady is trying to get her belongings inside the train but the guard stopped her from getting it inside the public vehicle.

The scuffle started when the lady passenger had an argument with her fellow commuter. The two had an exchange of distasteful remarks and insults towards one another. It causes disturbances to other passengers.

The train safety conductors immediately responded after learning the situation. He tried to settle the issue and maintain the peace and order inside the vehicle but his effort was ineffective.

The conductor decided to remove the passenger after arriving at Dayanta station but the woman reacted vehemently and refused to get off the train, which starts the intense commotion.

“The passenger reacted vehemently and refused to get off the train. In order to maintain security, the staff called the police for assistance,” the notice states.

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The Ministry of Transport also condemned the incident reiterating that safety is important but operators should implement the policy in accordance to the rules and regulations.

Security Guard

Metro Company would suspend the security guard and would undergo investigation while the two passengers would not be punished.

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