Male Netizen Shares Display of Kindness Between Young Boy & Security Guard

Male Netizen Praises Security Guard For Showing Kindness to Young Boy Eating Leftover

A male netizen has shared a display of kindness he witnessed between a young boy and a security guard in General Santos City.

A Facebook user named Julius Paigalan has shared the photo has shared the photo of a young boy and a security guard having a short conversation at a fast-food chain. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

Paigalan went to a Pendatun Avenue branch of Mang Inasal while waiting for his friend. He saw young boy eating leftover chickens at the table of the fast-food chain. After a few minutes, he asked the guard for a glass of water.

Male Netizen

Initially, Julius thought that the guard would ignore the kid but he was surprised after the security personnel entertained the child. Instead of driving the boy away, he offered a glass of softdrinks.

However, the boy refused to accept it and insisted that water is good enough for him. The kid seems to be happy because of the guard’s kind gesture to him although he had nothing. The incident happened at Pendatun Avenue, Dadiangas North in General Santos City.

The post has already garnered 53k reactions, 12k shares and 95 comments as of this writing.

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Here is the full post:

Earlier this day.

Boy: Kuya. Kuya. (Calling the SG from the outside)

SG: Yes sir?

Boy: Tubig

SG: Tubig lang sir? Di ka gustog coke?

Boy: (nod)

Around 1:00 in the afternoon, as I was sitting outside of Mang Inasal (Pendatun Avenue branch) waiting for a friend to take his take-out order, I saw this barefooted child eating a spared part of chicken Inasal. Minutes had passed, when he was done, he approached kuya SG, asking for a glass of water. At first, I thought kuya SG wouldn’t mind doing it as he was quite busy with the entering customers. But to my surprise, he entertained the child and didn’t drive the boy away. He even asked what the boy prefer then proceeded to handing him a glass of water. Leaving a smile on the child’s face. KUDOS kuys SG!

We’re used to respect people in authority. But isn’t it more applauding to respect everyone of different social status? The fact that the SG is addressing the young boy as “Sir”, really is commendable!

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