Famous Filipino Celebrities Who Passed Away In 2018

Famous Filipino Celebrities

Here is a List of Famous Filipino Celebrities Who Passed Away in 2018 FILIPINO CELEBRITIES – Here is a list of 10 famous Filipino celebrities who passed away this year 2018. Some of our favorite celebrities have passed away this year. They are the actors and actresses we will always admire in the show business. … Read more

Rico Puno Tribute Performances From ABS-CBN, GMA Network

ABS-CBN, GMA Network Celebrities’ Tribute Performances for Rico Puno RICO PUNO – The late Filipino singer, Rico Puno, was paid tribute performances by the ABS-CBN and GMA network. The OPM Legend, Rico Puno, died at the age of 65. His daughter Tosca Camille Puno said he died of cardiac arrest. His death brought sadness to a lot of … Read more

Rico J. Puno: His Life Before He Became A Famous Singer

This is the life of Rico J. Puno before he became a famous singer Just like other famous music personalities, OPM legend Rico J. Puno also started from humble beginnings before he got the spot. The Philippine music industry is a major part of the colorful world of entertainment. In this part, there was a … Read more

Rico Puno – Macho Gwapito Lyrics

RIco J. Puno Message

Lyrics of Hit Song “Macho Gwapito” by Rico Puno RICO PUNO – Here is the lyrics of the hit song “Macho Gwapito” by the Original Pinoy Music (OPM) Legend Rico J. Puno. Recently, someone who has contributed a lot in the Philippine music industry passed away – the OPM Legend Rico J. Puno. He died of … Read more