Large Amount of Money Allegedly Offered for Vote-Buying – PPCRV

PPCRV Exposes Info of Large Amount of Money offered for Vote-Buying The Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) exposes the information they received that a large amount of money is being offered for vote-buying. PPCRV says it has received evidence that substantial sums of money are being offered to buy votes in the 2022 … Read more

PPCRV: COMELEC Should Speak More About 7-Hr Delay Poll Update

PPCRV Myla Villanueva on COMELEC

PPCRV Says COMELEC Should Explain More About 7-Hr Delay Poll Update Last May 13 PPCRV – The Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) said the COMELEC should explain the 7-hr delay in updating poll last May 13. After the election on May 13, 2019, Filipino people wanted to be informed about the voting tally. … Read more

PPCRV Requests Comelec’s Explanation About Data Bottleneck

The Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting Wants Comelec To Explain Data Bottleneck PPCRV – Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting released initial findings after they reviewed Comelec’s computer logs. After the 2019 midterm elections were conducted, people were meticulously following election updates. Following the polling processes, numerous reports of election troubles also came out. … Read more

Bam Aquino Got Great Results From Areas With The Most Voters

Bam Aquino’s Performance Garnered Great Result In These Vote-rich Areas BAM AQUINO – Reelectionist senatorial candidate Bam Aquino had great results from the top provinces with the most number of voters. Last Monday (May 13, 2019), the nationwide elections were conducted. Shortly after, partially counted unofficial results have been released and updated constantly. In the … Read more

Jejomar Binay Breaks Silence On Abby-Junjun “Bangayan” Inside Church

Jejomar Binay and children

Jejomar Binay Finally Reacts On Abby-Junjun “Bangayan” Inside Church JEJOMAR BINAY – Former Vice President Jejomar Binay has finally spoken regarding the “bangayan” of his children inside the church. Former Philippine Vice President Jejomar Binay’s children Jujun and Abby Binay are competing against each other for mayoralty position this coming 20-19 midterm election. In a … Read more