North Korea Bans Skinny Jeans To Fight Capitalistic Culture

North Korea Bans Skinny Jeans To Fight Capitalism

NORTH KOREA BANS SKINNY JEANS – North Korea has been known for its questionable laws. This time, a new law that bans the use of Skinny Jeans made headlines.

According to the Sourcing Journal, Kim Jong-un has declared skinny jeans as contraband in North Korea. However, the reason for it has got people in the West scratching their heads.

Surely, it has to do with the cultures and traditions of the country. But, it has nothing to do with North Korea’s culture but instead, the culture of capitalism.

North Korea Bans Skinny Jeans To Fight Capitalistic Culture

As per the state-run news outlet, the announcement came after a warning that more should be done to prevent the “capitalistic culture” from taking over North Korea. Based on the article from Rodong Sinmum, the North Korean government’s official newspaper:

We must be wary of even the slightest sign of the capitalist lifestyle and fight to get rid of them. The new fashion rules are part of the regime’s crackdown on “anti-socialist behaviour

Along with the ban of skinny jeans, North Korea has also banned all but 15 non-socialists haircuts. Furthermore, they made a mandate on using proper hairstyles. So, styles such as mullets, spiky hair, or dyed hair, are no longer allowed.

Meanwhile, members of the state-run youth organization act as a form of “Fashion Police”. Their objective was to stop people from wearing clothes that look foreign, especially western, or South Korean.

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