North Korea Bans Laughing, Drinks, For 11 Days To Mourn Former Leader

North Korea Bans Laughing, Drinking, Leisure Activities To Commemorate Death Of Kim Jong-Il

NORTH KOREA BANS LAUGHING – North Korea adds another punishable offense – laughter.

To commemorate the death of their former leader, Kim Jong-Il, North Korea banned laughing and drinking. As the year ends, North Korea is set to celebrate the passing of Kim Jong-Il who died in 2011 at the age of 70.

According to an article from RFA, during the mourning period, North Koreans “must not drink alcohol, laugh, or engage in leisure activities”.

North Korea Bans Laughing, Drinks, For 11 Days To Mourn Former Leader

Furthermore, on the anniversary day of the former leader’s death, shopping for groceries is also banned. Also, if you celebrate your birthday on the day of the mourning, you could be punished.

Additionally, police were told to look out for residents who “do not appear to be grieving”. As per the article, an insider said:

From the first day of December, they will have a special duty to crack down on those who harm the mood of collective mourning. It’s a month-long special duty for the police. I heard that law enforcement officials cannot sleep at all.

North Korea Bans Laughing, Drinks, For 11 Days To Mourn Former Leader

Meanwhile, authorities ordered state-owned companies and citizen groups to feed the hungry during the period of grieving. “Social order and safety must be ensured”, said the insider.

North Korea has been known for its heavy bans and punishable offenses. Recently, it was known that North Korea had 7 public executions due after people were caught watching K-pop.

In another instance, a man was sentenced to death after distributing a copy of Netflix’s Squid Game. Meanwhile, those who watched the show were sentenced to a life-time of hard labor or “corrective punishment”.

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