North Korean Teen Gets 14 Years Of Prison For Watching 5 Mins Of Film

North Korean Teen Sentenced To 14 Years Of Jail After Watching 5 Min Movie Clip

NORTH KOREAN TEEN JAILED – North Korea has become notorious for its harshly strict laws, especially when it comes to media.

From the start, North Korea had already banned films made outside of North Korea. Recently, a man was sentenced to death for smuggling a copy of “Squid Game” inside the country.

Now, a North Korean student from the Yanggang province received a 14-year prison sentence and hard labor. His crime? Watching a 5 min clip of the South Korean movie, “The Uncle”.

According to an article from Daily NK, authorities arrested the North Korean student five minutes into watching the film.

North Korean Teen Gets 14 Years Of Prison For Watching 5 Mins Of Film

On Nov. 7, a 14-year-old student of Hyesan City Primary and Middle School (our high school) was arrested while watching the South Korean movie The Uncle. They were arrested five minutes after watching the movie and sentenced to 14 years of hard labor.

In North Korea, countries such as South Korea and the United States are considered as “hostiles”. As such, the consumption of cultural materials from these places is met with shocking punishments.

Watching, listening, or keeping South Korean films, recordings, compilations, books, songs, paintings, and photos, could get you jailed between 5-15 years. Furthermore, the government calls this period “correctional labor”.

Along with forms of media, North Korea had also banned the use of leather jackets. Apparently, the fashion statement has become a symbol of power.

Officials ordered trading companies to import synthetic leather in September of 2021. However, the general public started copying the design of these leather coats. Because of this, the use of leather coats was banned.

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