Man Selling Foreign Films In North Korea Executed In Front Of Family

Kim Jong-Un Gets Man Executed For Selling Foreign Films

MAN EXECUTED FOR FOREIGN FILMS – According to reports, Kim Jong-Un, North Korea’s leader, had a man executed for selling foreign films.

Executions have been a long-running theme in North Korea. Throughout the years, even amid the pandemic, reports of execution were prevalent. Being the secluded country that it is, North Korea controls anything and everything that comes in and out of the nation.

Man Selling Foreign Films In North Korea Executed In Front Of Family

This includes media, especially from Western countries. Based on an article from LadBible, a man surnamed Lee was executed via firing squad in front of his entire family.

He was reported to authorities after the daughter of his “people’s unit” leader, found him with USBs and CDs filled with South Korean movies and music videos. Sadly, Lee was executed on April 25, around 40 days after his arrest in Wonson, Gangwon province.

As per the article, Lee was shot and killed with 500 local residents watching including teachers and young students. Furthermore, Daily NK, said that after the incident, authorities released a statement warning others of their fate if they try to sell contraband.

The family’s neighbors burst into tears when they saw the four security guards picking up Lee’s collapsed wife and throwing her [into the cargo van] like a piece of luggage, but they had to clamp their mouths shut and weep in silence for fear of being caught in the criminal act of having compassion for a reactionary

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