7 Best Countries To Live & Work Abroad In 2023

7 Best Countries, CV 3

7 Best Countries to Work And Live 7 BEST COUNTRIES – Here are the seven (7) best countries to live and work in 2023. Increasing numbers of Filipinos are considering moving to foreign countries due to the attractive job opportunities available. Some nations even provide universal healthcare, low living expenses, a laid-back way of life, … Read more

New Zealander Shot Dead After Resisting Hold-up in Makati City

New Zealander Shot Dead by Suspect After Resisting Hold-up in Makati City A New Zealander tourist was shot dead after allegedly resisting suspects from a hold-up attempt in Makati City. A tourist from New Zealand died on the spot when he fought with hold-uppers in Makati City last morning. The victim was named Nicholas Peter … Read more

Unique McDonalds You Won’t Believe That Actually Exist

Unique McDonalds

List of Most Unique McDonalds and Where They are Located Unique McDonalds that you cant wait to visit and probably the most stunning and beatiful fastfood chains all over the world. Given that there are about 34,000 McDonald’s locations throughout 118 countries, it is not surprising that the company’s iconic golden arches are recognized everywhere. … Read more

Stranded Whales Refloated In New Zealand Coast


Stranded Whales Refloated In New Zealand Coast NEW ZEALAND – 28 pilot whales who were stranded on a notorious stretch of New Zealand’s coast were recently refloated by rescuers. The Department of Conservation said that the long-finned pilot whales were part of a pod of 50 that were found at Farewell Spit, which is about … Read more

Malacañang Palace Releases Statement on New Zealand Mass Shooting

Malacañang Palace

Malacañang Palace Issues Official Statement on New Zealand Mass Shooting The Malacañang Palace has finally released an official statement regarding the mass shooting happened during worship services in New Zealand. Previously, the terrorist attack happened at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand shocked the whole world. The deadly mass shooting took the lives of around … Read more