Unique McDonalds You Won’t Believe That Actually Exist

List of Most Unique McDonalds and Where They are Located

Unique McDonalds that you cant wait to visit and probably the most stunning and beatiful fastfood chains all over the world.

Given that there are about 34,000 McDonald’s locations throughout 118 countries, it is not surprising that the company’s iconic golden arches are recognized everywhere. There are some unusual places where you may enjoy a Big Mac and other iconic McDonald’s goodies.

Despite the fact that the majority of these fast food chain restaurants share a lot of similarities on the inside and the outside. Here are a few of the world’s most amazing McDonald’s locations.

Be sure to put these distinctive McDonald’s locations on your travel itinerary the next time you board a plane. Which one is your favorite? Let us know!

1. McDonald’s Taupo, New Zealand

Think of chowing down on a Big Mac and fries in a luxurious old airliner. An abandoned DC-3 aircraft that had been parked next to a McDonald’s in Taupo, New Zealand, was acquired by the restaurant’s owner after it had been there for more than 20 years. The cockpit and propellers have been restored and repainted, but the majority of the aircraft has been left in its original condition. At ten little tables, the room can accommodate 20 hungry customers with ease!

2. McDonald’s Orlando, Florida

Unique McDonalds
Photo Credits: International Drive Orlando

The biggest McDonald’s in the entire globe is located in Florida! The three-story, 19,000 sq ft restaurant, which goes by the moniker Epic McD, is not your typical McDonald’s; it’s also known as a “Entertainment McDonald’s” and offers a wide variety of unusual foods like bespoke omelettes, brick oven pizza, Belgian waffles, and pasta. Additionally, it has a sizable PlayPlace and an arcade with more than 100 games! The tallest Ronald McDonald in the world, measuring 30 feet, is outside and is illuminated by LEDs.

3. McDonald’s Downey, California

The third store to ever be opened, this McDonald’s is the oldest operational location in the entire world. The business, which opened in 1953, is just a 15-minute drive from the heart of Los Angeles. Many of the original store’s elements, which may seem out of place in today’s McDonald’s stores, are still present. Before Ronald McDonald took over, Speedee, a chef with a moon-face and a wink, was the McDonald’s mascot. He smiles and waves to customers that stop by. As opposed to the typical two arches we see nowadays, the store simply has one single gold arch.

4. McDonald’s Imperial, Porto, Portugal

Unique McDonalds
Photo Credits: Flickr

McDonald’s Imperial has frequently been hailed as the world’s most beautiful McDonald’s location. In 1995, the shop opened in the remodeled location that had previously been occupied by the renowned Cafe Imperial, which had been serving coffee to city residents since the 1930s. The distinctive enormous bronze eagle that welcomes you at the door is one of the building’s key architectural characteristics that it kept in large part from its former occupant. The shop’s interior is decorated with stunning stained glass windows and crystal chandeliers, and you can indulge on sweets such delectable Portuguese egg tarts.

5. McDonald’s Fuzhou SanFang QiXiang, China

Unique McDonalds
Photo Credits: TripZilla

Based on the article of Klook, Fuzhou’s SanFang QiXiang neighborhood, which translates to “Three Lanes and Seven Alleys,” is a historic and cultural hub. The attractive historic neighborhood is home to a mishmash of traditional and modern structures, including a McDonald’s and Starbucks shop that blends in perfectly with the neighborhood’s ambiance thanks to its vintage appeal. Like many other nations, China has specialized McDonald’s menu items that are only available there, such as boba milk tea, burgers with sichuan spicy sauce, and pineapple pie.

6. McDonald’s Birch House, Penang, Malaysia

Photo Credits: MyPenang

Did you know that Malaysia too has a distinctive McDonald’s location located in a heritage structure? A colonial home in George Town, Penang called The Birch House previously housed a tin smelting business in the nineteenth century. This is included in list of most unique McDonalds because the 24-hour establishment keeps much of the old building’s architecture and blends in beautifully with Penang’s unique culture. The next time you’re in Penang, if you’ve gotten your fill of char kuey teow, stop by for some classic fast food!

7. McDonald’s Clifton Hill, Melbourne, Australia

Photo Credits: Twitter

This is yet another business housed in a heritage structure. The United Kingdom Hotel, a stunning example of the Art Deco style and historical era, which ran for 50 years before shutting in 1988, was replaced by McDonald’s Clifton Hill. The structure has deep circular balconies, curved wings, and bands of variously colored bricks.

8. McDonald’s Yangshuo, China

Unique McDonalds
Photo Credits: Most Unique Mcdonalds Location

China’s Yangshuo county is renowned for its magnificent natural scenery, flowing rivers, and charming historic towns. It has a few quaint taverns, restaurants, and temples, including a picture-perfect McDonald’s. This is included in the list of unique McDonalds because Despite having a very typical interior, this store is included on this list because of the surrounding scenery. You can rely on a stunning view of the natural surroundings while you eat at this restaurant because it is tucked away in a mountain valley overlooking a lovely lake.

9. McDonald’s Rue Saint-Lazare, Paris, France

Photo Credits: The Sun

This particular McDonald’s location in Paris may be among the cutest ones on the planet, wedged between two elaborate buildings on the busy Rue Saint-Lazare! The article mentioned that, the store is housed in a historic structure constructed in 1892, making it a UNESCO World Heritage Site today. The restaurant’s historic timbered exterior is embellished with beautiful carvings from the original structure.

10. McDonald’s Dallas, Texas

Photo Credits: Reader’s Digest

This Dallas, Texas store is well-known for its enormous Happy Meal Box-shaped facade! The restaurant’s inside is just as opulent as its facade, with mahogany booths, crystal chandeliers, Ralph Lauren wallpaper, quirky granite flooring, and a sizable playroom. You’ll take a ton of photos while you’re here, we bet!

11. McDonald’s Belém, Lisbon, Portugal

Photo Credits: Mc Donald’s Portugal

Lisbon is the pink lover’s paradise! You may find sweet spots all over the city, including a pink street lined with pink buildings and even a pink sidewalk! Overall, this gorgeous salmon-pink McDonald’s is fairly plain yet oh-so-cute.

12. McDonald’s Roswell, New Mexico

Unique McDonalds
Photo Credits: Pinterest

This McDonald’s is designed like a flying saucer and has a weird UFO motif. A mystery UFO incident is said to have occurred near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947, and McDonald’s jumped on the bandwagon by constructing a UFO branch here. The store even features an indoor playroom with a space theme and a sizable alien and spaceship painting outside! What a great sound that is!

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