Riders Who Cover Under Overpass Amid Rain to Face Fine – MMDA

MMDA to Fine Riders Seeking Cover from Rain Under Overpass The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) to fine riders who are seeking cover from the rain under the overpass. When rainy days arrive, motorcycle riders take shelter under an overpass or bridge. During rainstorms, you’ll see huddled crowds of bikers waiting out the rain. They’d … Read more

MMDA Appeals to Riders, Motorists Not to Use EDSA Bus Lane

MMDA Made an Appeal to Riders and Other Motorists Using the EDSA Bus Lane The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) appealed to the motorcycle riders and other motorists not to use the EDSA bus lane. The MMDA has requested that passengers and other motorists refrain from using the EDSA Carousel Bus Lane. This comes after … Read more

2 Motorcycle Riders Died After Hit by Falling Coconut Tree

Falling Coconut Tree Lead to the Death of 2 Motorcycle Riders Two (2) motorcycle riders died after allegedly being hit by a falling coconut tree in Negros Oriental. Two persons were killed after being hit by a falling coconut tree on National Highway in Jimalalud, Negros Oriental. According to the report, they were riding their … Read more

Bill Pushes Anti-Discrimination vs Motorcycle Riders on Checkpoint

Anti-Discrimination Bill for Motorcycle Riders on Checkpoint Being Push A lawmaker pushes anti-discrimination bill for motorcycle riders during police checkpoint in the Philippines. Senator Raffy Tulfo wants to put an end to apparent discrimination against motorcyclists, who are frequently marked to be detained at police checkpoints. Tulfo stated in its Senate Bill (SB) No. 1977 … Read more

2 Women Injured After Motorcycle Fell Into a Cliff in Batangas

2 Women Riding Motorcycle Injured after They Fell Into a Cliff in Batangas Two (2) women riding motorcycle suffered injuries after they lost control and allegedly fell into a cliff in Batangas. According to GMA Regional TV, two people were seriously injured in the accident that occurred in Lobo, Batangas on Monday. The authorities suspect … Read more

Zamboanga City to Ban Wearing of Helmets Over Shooting Incidents

Zamboanga City Government Eyes to Ban Wearing of Helmets to Deter Crimes Zamboanga city government eyes to ban the wearing of helmets to prevent crimes including the occurrence of shooting incidents. Mayor John Dalipe has requested that the Director of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), Ginagene Vao-Uy, investigate whether any LGU in the country … Read more

Group of “Kamote” Riders Racing in Marilaque Drew Flak Online

Group of “Kamote” Riders Elicit Reactions Online Over Racing in Marilaque Road The online community lambasted a video showing a group of “Kamote” riders racing on the public road of Marilaque. The Marcos Highway, also known as the Marikina-Infanta Highway, Marilaque Road, and Marikina-Infanta Road, is a favorite destination for motorcycle riders. It was a … Read more

Cavite Cops Caught Using Abusive Force Arresting Motorcycle Riders

Cavite Cops Caught on Video Using Abusive Force During Arrest vs Motorcycle Riders The online community is now lambasting the Cavite cops who were caught on video using abusive force while arresting motorcycle riders. Some members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in Cavite are under hot water after videos surfaced showing them employing excessive … Read more

Motorcycle Riders Block Right of Way as They Took Shelter Beneath Overpass

Motorcycle Riders

Video of Motorcycle Riders Blocking the Right of Way as They Took Shelter Beneath Overpass Elicits Criticisms Online The online community lambasted the motorcycle riders blocking the right of way as they took shelter underneath an overpass. Nowadays, the Philippine government has been implementing stricter traffic rules and regulations in the country. The government officials … Read more