Wency Cornejo: “I Wish Mayor Duterte Never Decided to Run for President”

An avid supporter of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, veteran singer Wency Cornejo shared his reactions on social media about the recent controversies involving the Davao City Mayor who became the target of negative news and bias journalism even after the election period. On his official Facebook Page, Wency Cornejo said that he sometimes wished that the … Read more

Pres. Duterte Invites Filipinos to Join “Iglesia Ni Duterte”

The country’s presumptive president, Mayor Rody Duterte continued his tirades against the Filipino leaders of the world’s most dominant religious group, the Roman Catholic. Despite the constant attack against the mayor, he tried to divert the people’s attention by inviting every Filipinos to join his religion, “Iglesia Ni Duterte.” Mayor Rody Duterte tagged earlier the … Read more

Pres. Rody Duterte Tells Major Telcos To Improve Internet Speed or Face New Competition

The presumptive chief executive of the Philippines, Pres. Duterte warned the country’s two major telecommunications players to better shape up and improve their respective internet speed download, considered as the slowest in the World or else they will face a healthy competition against foreign telecom players. Under a Duterte administration, the former Mayor of Davao … Read more

Rep. Mark Villar Accepts Cabinet Post Under Pres. Rody Duterte

The son of Sen. Cynthia Villar and former Speaker and housing magnate Manny Villar, Las Pinas Rep. Mark Villar confirmed on Tuesday that he has accepted the offer made by the presumptive president of the Republic of the Philippines, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of Davao City. The reelected congressman from Las Pinas released an official statement … Read more

Sen. Antonio Trillanes Spotted Leaving the Philippines?

The alleged attack dog of Mayor Duterte’s opponents, Sen. Antonio Trillanes was seen in the airport as spotted by some netizens who noted that the controversial senator seems that he is flying abroad. The photos of Sen. Trillanes being spotted at the airport was first posted in the Facebook Page of Davao Breaking News. As … Read more

Rep. Mark Villar Offered by Mayor Duterte to Head the DPHW

The son of a powerful politician, Las Piñas City Rep. Mark Villar was offered by the Duterte administration to become part of the Cabinet of President Rody Duterte as the head of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH). According to Villar’s camp, presumptive president Mayor Rody Duterte offered the post to Rep. Villar … Read more

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to Meet with China, Japan, and Israel Envoys

The tough-talking mayor of Davao City and Presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte is scheduled to meet with China, Japan and Israel envoys in Davao City. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is scheduled to meet with the Ambassador of China to the Philippines Zhao Jianhua on Monday. In an interview with the media on Sunday night, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte … Read more

BSP, JP Morgan Optimistic on Philippine Economic Growth Under Duterte

Financial institutions Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and investment giant JP Morgan expect the Philippines will continue to grow under President Duterte. BSP, JP Morgan believes that the country will continue to attract confidence of the markets as the Philippine economic growth prospers under the administration of Mayor Rody Duterte. According to BSP Deputy Governor … Read more

Bong Go: Mayor Duterte Wants No “Change” In the Way He is Addressed

The executive assistant of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, Christopher “Bong” Go revealed during an interview with the media that the good mayor of Davao City and presumptive president of the Republic of the Philippines wants no “change” in the way he is addressed, even if he’ll be the country’s president come July 2016. Bong Go was … Read more