Fast Food Employee Fails to Take LET Due to Her Name

Fast Food Employee

Fast Food Employee Unable to Take LET Due to Her Name Discrepancy JOLIVIE – A fast-food employee was not allowed to take LET board examinations because of her name discrepancy. Robe Zamora Dagcuta, a Facebook user, shared the photos of a female employee at a popular fast-food chain with a unique name. The post quickly … Read more

Mang Inasal Menu Price List 2023

Mang Inasal

Here is the Updated Mang Inasal Menu Price List – July 2023 MANG INASAL MENU PRICE LIST 2023 – Here is the updated list of menu prices from the fast-food chain Mang Inasal. Mang Inasal, a renowned barbecue fast-food restaurant chain in the Philippines, has been satisfying the cravings of Filipinos for the past 19 … Read more

Manager Arrested for Stealing P100K Income of Fast-Food Chain

Manager of a Famous Fast-Food Chain Arrested for Stealing P100k of Store’s Income Police authorities arrested a manager of a famous fast-food chain for allegedly stealing the P100K of the store’s income. The assistant manager of a well-known fast food business in Quezon City was arrested by officers from the Cubao Police Station (PS-7). According … Read more

Ex-Lovers Unexpected Encounter in Mang Inasal Gives “Kilig” Online

Unexpected Encounter of Ex-Lovers in Mang Inasal Gives “Kilig” Online The unexpected encounter of ex-lovers inside the fast-food restaurant Mang Inasal goes viral and gives “kilig” on social media. Breakups may be a painful and traumatic event for both partners. Breaking up is, however, a common aspect of many relationships, and it does not always … Read more

Lady Customer During Lunch at Popular Fast-Food Chain: “Di na ata tlaga pang-masa”

Lady Customer

Lady Customer Airs Sentiments at Famous Fast-Food Chain A lady customer has expressed her sentiments while having lunch at a popular fast-food chain: “Di na ata tlaga pang-masa” Mang Inasal is a fast-food chain that has been serving Filipino comfort food since 2003. Known for its juicy and flavorful chicken inasal, a grilled chicken dish … Read more

Group of Customers Did Trending ‘Time-lapse Challenge’ at Fast-Food Chain

Time-lapse Challenge

Group of Customers Went Viral Online After Performing Trending ‘Time-lapse Challenge’ at Mang Inasal A group of customers went viral online after performing the trending “Time-Lapse Challenge” in a popular fast food chain, Mang Inasal. In recent years, the Time-Lapse Challenge has become a popular trend on social media, capturing the attention of users everywhere. … Read more

Grandpa Eating Inasal & Unli Rice Goes Viral “Minsan lang makakain sa ganitong lugar”


Grandpa Touches Hearts of Netizens Over Heartwarming Video While Eating Chicken Inasal & Unli Rice An elderly grandpa eating chicken inasal and unli rice at fast-food restaurant touches the hearts of netizens. Many people in this generation are working hard to make ends meet and may even participate in several types of livelihood in order … Read more

Couple Goes Viral After Holding Simple Wedding Reception at Mang Inasal

Simple Wedding Reception

Couple Holds Simple Wedding Reception at Mang Inasal w/ Unli Rice A newly-wed couple goes viral online after holding a simple wedding reception at Mang Inasal with unlimited rice. The couple Rian Eran Baynosa and Rhaquesa Vicente Mosende from Kitcharao, Mindanao are now making rounds online because of their simple wedding celebration. The two celebrated … Read more