Fast Food Employee Fails to Take LET Due to Her Name

Fast Food Employee Unable to Take LET Due to Her Name Discrepancy

JOLIVIE – A fast-food employee was not allowed to take LET board examinations because of her name discrepancy.

Robe Zamora Dagcuta, a Facebook user, shared the photos of a female employee at a popular fast-food chain with a unique name. The post quickly circulated online and elicited various reactions from the internet users.

In the photos, the aspiring teacher, identified as Jolivie, displayed her name on her tag. Despite using “Jolivie” in her school records for a long time, she encountered a difficult challenge when attempting to take the Licensure Examination for Teachers.

Fast Food Employee

The reason being a name mismatch on her birth certificate, which actually bears the name ‘Jollibee.’ The difference in names posed a challenge requiring a court hearing.

While a simple one or two-letter difference in names can usually be addressed by requesting changes through the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) or the National Statistics Office (NSO), Jolivie’s case proved more complex.

Changing one’s name through legal processes can be time-consuming and, in many cases, financially burdensome. In Jolivie’s situation, the unique circumstances of her case necessitated a court hearing.

Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, she could not pursue this avenue, leaving her dream of taking the LET unfulfilled.

Becoming a licensed teacher is a goal many aspire to achieve, and it’s disheartening to see such obstacles standing in the way of someone’s dreams, especially when the issue revolves around a unique name on a birth certificate.

The cost associated with court hearings and legal processes can be prohibitive for many individuals, adding an additional layer of difficulty to an already challenging situation.

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Here is the full post:

“di po to joke time pero tsikka lang na this is my lola’s former scholar and yes that is her name and she’s been using it since forever. She was studying to become a teacher and wanted to take her LET but she couldn’t because of her government name. Apparently “Jollibee” talaga yung nakasulat sa birth cert niya pero she’s been using “Jolivie” in her school records. If it were a one or two letter difference you can simply request to change it sa PSA/NSO, but this was a challenging case that needed a court hearing. In the end, she did not, cannot, and I assume will not take her LET because she can’t afford to change her name… and now we’re here”

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Fast Food Employee

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