Nonfiction Stories In Philippines – Some Examples Of This

Nonfiction Stories In Philippines

Some nonfiction stories in the Philippines that you should be reading. NONFICTION STORIES IN PHILIPPINES – Here are some examples of nonfiction stories, that you should read, in the Philippines. Literature has two types: fiction and nonfiction. Fiction refers to ones made out of the writer’s mere imagination. Meaning, the characters and events did not … Read more

What Is Literature? Definition, Forms And Types


What Is Literature? Definition, Forms And Types LITERATURE – In this topic, we are going to know and learn about literature, its meaning, forms and types, and the meanings of each. Definition The term refers to all forms written or oral, and usually refers to writings that are considered to be an art form. It … Read more

Limerick – What Exactly Is A Limerick In Literature? (Answers)

Answers To The Question: What Is A Limerick? LIMERICK – In the field of literature, there are many forms of literary works. Each of them has its own unique use to portray different narratives. In this article, we will be learning more about Limericks used in the fields of literature – its history, and some … Read more

Five Basic Elements Of A Short Story (English Lesson)

Here Are The Five Basic Elements Of A Short Story FIVE BASIC – Short stories have at least five basic elements that comprise the entirety of its contents, from the dialogues to the story line itself. Either to present a lesson, to convey a message or to set a certain mood for the readers, short … Read more

Types Of Essays – Their Definitions And Purposes (English)

Here Are The Different Types Of Essays TYPES OF ESSAYS – Written essays are made with various purposes, and their types would differ depending on these different functions. Just like writing a letter, writers often have the objective of conveying a message to a receiver. Usually, essays are written to express ideas, opinions and critical … Read more

POETRY – Meaning And Kinds | Forms Of Literature


POETRY – Definition And The Following Kinds | Forms Of Literature POETRY – In this topic, we will discuss one of the forms of literature which deals with the rhythmic and metric way of speech: poetry. Definition Poetry is one of the two types of literature which is an interplay of words and rhythm. The … Read more

Tanyag Na Mga Pilipino Sa Larangan Ng Panitikan (Filipino)

Heto Ang Mga Kilalang Personalidad Sa Larangan Ng Panitikan PANITIKAN – Ang panitikan o ang pagpapahayag ng kaisipan, ideya o saloobin ay may ibat-ibang uri at heto ang ilan sa kanila. Ang mga uri ng panitikan ay may ibat-ibang gamit at kahulugan. Sa pagpapahayag gamit nag pagsusulat, nag iiba-iba ang mga tono, rhythm at iba … Read more