Grade 4 Pupil Nearly Kidnapped by Man Who Claimed as Her Dad

Grade 4 Pupil

Grade 4 Pupil Suffers Trauma After Man Who Claimed as Her Dad Nearly Kidnapped Her A grade 4 pupil experience fear and trauma after she was nearly kidnapped by a man who introduced himself as her dad. An unidentified suspect failed to abduct a grade 4 pupil at Camp Tinio Elementary School in Cabanatuan City, … Read more

Toddler Nearly Kidnapped by Male Suspect Who Pretends as ‘Sundo’

Male Suspect

Cops Arrest Male Suspect Who Pretends as ‘Sundo’ to Kidnap Toddler QUEZON CITY – An innocent toddler has been nearly kidnapped by a male suspect who pretended as ‘sundo’ at school. The CCTV footage shows a male suspect wearing a black jacket, shorts, bonnet, and backpack roaming around the school vicinity. The guy introduced himself … Read more

JOVELYN GALLENO: Police Authorities Finally Identified Vehicle That Abducted Young Lady


Authorities Finally Identify Vehicle That Allegedly Abduct Jovelyn Galleno JOVELYN GALLENO – The police authorities finally identified the vehicle that was allegedly involved in abducting the young lady. Over the past few days, Jovelyn Galleno becomes one of the most discussed personalities on social media after she went missing. The B.S. Criminology graduating student went … Read more

Wild Monkey Attacks & Nearly Kidnaps Toddler in China

Wild Monkey

Wild Monkey Caught on Camera While Attacking & Trying to Kidnap Toddler in China A wild monkey suddenly attacked and nearly kidnapped a toddler in Chongqing, China but was rescued by a nearby villager. Earlier this week, a three-year-old girl in a village in Southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality has been attacked by a wild monkey. … Read more

What Is Kidnap? Definition And Usage Of This Term


What Is Kidnap? Definition And Usage Of This Term WHAT IS KIDNAP – In this topic, we will first know and learn the definition of this term and how is this term used in sentences. Definition The Oxford Dictionary defines the term as the following: take (someone) away illegally by force, typically to obtain a … Read more

Residents Attack Kidnapper After Attempting To Kidnap 5 Young Children


Kidnapper Attacked by Residents After Trying To kidnap 5 Young Kids Several residents attacked a male kidnapper after attempting to kidnap five young children along Litex, Commonwealth, Quezon City. Kidnapping is one of the major crimes happening not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all around the world. Criminals usually kidnapped children … Read more

Elizabeth Smart is engaged!

ABC News contributor Elizabeth Smart

The well-known 24-years-old female activist and contributor for ABC News who gained widespread attention when she was kidnapped at the age of 14 and recovered for almost 9 months is finally engaged! According to the reports from Us Weekly, “Elizabeth got engaged last weekend in Salt Lake City. She’s incredibly excited about this next chapter in life … Read more