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What Is Kidnap? Definition And Usage Of This Term

WHAT IS KIDNAP – In this topic, we will first know and learn the definition of this term and how is this term used in sentences.



The Oxford Dictionary defines the term as the following:

  • take (someone) away illegally by force, typically to obtain a ransom.
  • the action of kidnapping someone

Meanwhile, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines this term as the following:

  • to seize and detain or carry away by unlawful force or fraud and often with a demand for ransom


Here are some of the following synonyms:

  • abduct
  • carry off
  • capture
  • seize
  • snatch
  • hold to ransom
  • take as hostage
  • hijack
  • run off/away with
  • nobble


It is a late 17th century, which is a back-formation from the term kidnapper which is a combination of the term kid, and the slang nap or ‘nab, seize’.


Here are some examples of the usage of this term:

  • There are very few fathers of kidnap victims who aren’t worried about their financial affairs being looked at too closely.
  • Tanner disapproved of kidnap insurance and companies like D’Arcy’s which negotiated for hostage release.
  • After a while they kidnap and murder a young boy for kicks[ ], bashing him over the head with a blunt instrument.
  • There are growing fears for the safety of the kidnap victims — fears that have been fuelled by rumours of new terrorist threats.

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