Grade 4 Pupil Nearly Kidnapped by Man Who Claimed as Her Dad

Grade 4 Pupil Suffers Trauma After Man Who Claimed as Her Dad Nearly Kidnapped Her

A grade 4 pupil experience fear and trauma after she was nearly kidnapped by a man who introduced himself as her dad.

An unidentified suspect failed to abduct a grade 4 pupil at Camp Tinio Elementary School in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija. The suspect entered the school and went to the kid’s classroom and pretended as the girl’s father.

The culprit failed to abduct the girl after she refused to go with him. The little kid stays along inside her classroom during that time. The culprit immediately leaves the building after the incident.

Grade 4 Pupil

According to the police investigation, the CCTV camera inside the school was able to film the suspect entering the school. The culprit used the gate at the back of the school to enter the classroom.

The victim also confirmed the suspect’s identity using the CCTV footage. The kid refused to go to school after suffering trauma due to the incident.

The barangay and school management will implement stricter rules and regulations to secure the safety of the students. The school will strictly monitor the guardians picking up the students.

The authorities are already trying to locate and identify the suspect.

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Grade 4 Pupil

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  1. dpat pi pg ganyan twagan ang ng parents pra mkasiguro na kung tlgang iyon ang parents at kung cno mn ang susundo sa mga bata, dpat i confirm sa parents kung totoo ba..dpat kunin ng teacher at guard mga contact no. ng lhat ng parents


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