Tagum Covid Patient Condition Is Improving, DRMC Chief of Hospital Says

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Tagum Covid patient is already recovering. TAGUM COVID PATIENT – Dr. Bryan O. Dalid, DRMC chief of hospital confirms that a patient from Tagum is recovering. PH130 from Tagum City, 21 years old, is now recovering and getting her condition improving. She was admitted at the Davao Regional Medical Center (DRMC) and tested positive for coronavirus. She is … Read more

Coronavirus Tips: Using Cloth Face Masks Is Useless versus 2019-nCoV

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Amid outbreak, coronavirus tips: cloth face mask is useless versus novel coronavirus. CORONAVIRUS TIPS – Amid the coronavirus scare and outbreak worldwide, experts say that wearing of cloth face masks is useless against the virus. The first confirmed case of the nCoV in the Philippines has been recorded and now it is down on its third … Read more

Magnesium – 5 Benefits That Could Save Your Life

5 Benefits Of Magnesium That Can Save Your Life MAGNESIUM – In this article, we will learn more about these 5 important benefits of this mineral that could save your life. Reduce risks of type 2 diabetes – A 2016 study that included over 600,000 patients suggested that those with higher intake of magnesium were … Read more

Health Tips – Subtle Signs Of Disease Your Feet Can Reveal

Health Tips – 4 Subtle Signs Of Disease Revealed By Your Own Feet HEALTH TIPS – 5 Subtle Signs of Disease that can be revealed just by looking at your foot. Who knew that important signs of your health could be seen right below you – literally. In this article, we will look at five … Read more

Vitamin Myths – 5 Vitamin Myths That You Need To Stop Believing

5 Vitamin Myths That You Need To Stop Believing Right Away VITAMIN MYTHS – In this article, we will learn more about why you need to stop believing these Vitamin Myths. Vitamins play an important part in keeping the body healthy. However, there are some myths about it that are not true, and sometimes even … Read more