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5 Benefits Of Magnesium That Can Save Your Life

MAGNESIUM – In this article, we will learn more about these 5 important benefits of this mineral that could save your life.

Magnesium - 5 Benefits That Could Save Your Life
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Reduce risks of type 2 diabetes – A 2016 study that included over 600,000 patients suggested that those with higher intake of magnesium were 17% less likely to develop type 2 diabetes.

Adding to this, those who regularly intake of the mineral showed an improvement in insulin resistance. Not only that, they also had better blood sugar control compared to others.

Stronger Bones – Calcium and vitamin D are the top contenders for building bones. However, only a few realize the importance of magnesium.

According to an article from Reader’s Digest, increasing calcium levels without adding in magnesium may be less effective. Experts believe that it is important to keep a 2:1 balance of calcium and the mineral.

Preven Migraines – Some research has indicated that people suffering from chronic migraines could be from a magnesium deficiency.

In a study, the participants who were migraine-prone that took supplements had lower frequencies and intensity of headaches.

Reduce levels of stress – The mineral and stress levels are connected. Experts believe that stress is a factor in lowering levels of magnesium.

That’s why if you’re craving for dark chocolate when you’re feeling pressured, it could be because dark chocolate is rich in the mineral.

Improve mood – A research has connected deficiencies in the magnesium with an elevated likelihood of depression in individuals under 65.

The mineral could also help reduce levels of anxiety and PMS. However, more study needs to be done with regards to this topic.

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