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Bad habits that make you look older.

BAD HABITS – List of some of the habits which you might not know yet but are actually making you age faster and look older than your actual age.

Youthful look is what we all want in the end when we all hit and nearing the senior years of our lives. Surely, age is just a number, however, with some habits you do, age will matter especially if you are looking way to old for your actual year.

Bad Habits

Here are these habits that make us age faster than we think:

  • Indulging too much to sweets affect your body with all the sugar it contain, it could surely cause inflammation and cause diseases. Don’t give in to temptations that easy. Have a consistent healthy diet.
  • Skipping rest and sleep affects health, shortens life, and will make you appear like you’re a lot older than your real age. Get enough sleep for a healthy mind, brain, and heart.
  • Even the way you sleep affects your looks such as constantly sleeping on your stomach with your face smashed on your pillow will develop folds and wrinkles on face, chest, and neck. This also stresses internal organs.
  • Avoid crash dieting as it makes you feel older, reduces energy level, and messes up your concentration which makes you get easily irritable. It will also result to saggy skin due to abrupt weight loss that will not give your skin enough time to adjust.
  • Not giving yourself your “Me Time”. Rest and relax with yourself such doing hobbies and activities you are passionate about.
  • Drinking through a bottle or straw cause fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth which will certainly make you look older.
  • Grudges. Let it go and don’t give yourself the burden for life is too precious in holding on to grudges. Wrinkles developed from frowning.
  • Over exposure to sun ages skin faster, thus, use sunscreen.
  • Stressing too much even over little things.


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