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5 Vitamin Myths That You Need To Stop Believing Right Away

VITAMIN MYTHS – In this article, we will learn more about why you need to stop believing these Vitamin Myths.

Vitamin Myths - 5 Vitamin Myths That You Need To Stop Believing
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Vitamins play an important part in keeping the body healthy. However, there are some myths about it that are not true, and sometimes even dangerous.

Multivitamins are for everyone – Multivitamins are not a good substitute for vitamin-enriched foods or produce. These maybe have two dozen ingredients.

However, plants contain hundreds of other useful compounds. If you take a multivitamin alone, you’d be missing a lot more that could provide better health benefits.

Multivitamins can make up a bad diet – According to an article from The Healthy, a study showed that multivitamin-takers are no healthier than those who don’t take the pills, at least in big diseases.

These included cancer, heart disease, and stroke. Those who take multivitamins to supplement a bad diet won’t help.

Vitamin C can fight a cold – In a research conducted in 2013, there were 11,000 subjects that revealed Vitamin C didn’t fight back the common cold.

However, those who undergo physical activities like marathon runners, and skiers. Vitamin C might help you heal from a cold, but taking vitamin C to fend off the system doesn’t help.

Vitamins can prevent heart disease – Instead of taking vitamins in an attempt to prevent heart disease, doctors suggest eating fruits and vegetables instead.

A study also revealed that some supplements even had a slight increase in the risk of death.

Taking Vitamins can protect you from cancer – Research has revealed that there is no benefit that taking extra antioxidants that control cancer-causing free radicals have a benefit.

Over the course of seven years, the subjects of the study all had similar rates of cancers. Adding to this, they also had similar rates of cancer deaths.

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