Fruit Vendor Airs Frustration After Paid w/ Fake Money

Fruit Vendor

Fruit Vendor Expresses Frustration After Receiving Fake Money From Customer FAKE MONEY – A fruit vendor has expressed its frustration towards a heartless customer who paid them with a fake money. A Facebook user named Felerie has shared photos of fake money paid by a heartless customer to a poor fruit vendor. The post quickly … Read more

Fruit Vendor Arrested for Harassing Own Daughterin Pasig City

Fruit Vendor Father Harassing Own Daughter Arrested in Pasig City Police authorities arrested a fruit vendor father in Pasig City for allegedly harassing his own minor daughter. In Barangay Bambang, Pasig City, police detained a fruit vendor for allegedly molesting his own daughter. Based on the article of Balita, his daughter was only a minor … Read more

Quezon City Police Nabbed for Extorting Money from a Fruit Vendor

Police Robbing, Extorting Money from a Fruit Vendor in Quezon City Arrested Quezon City Police Department (QCPD) personnel arrested a police in for allegedly robbing a fruit vendor and extorting money. A police officer stationed in Quezon City was allegedly stealing and extorting money from a fruit vendor in Barangay Pasong Tamo, according to a … Read more

Grade 9 Student Sells Fruits While Attending His Online Class

Grade 9 Student

Inspiring Photos of Grade 9 Student Selling Fruits While Attending His Online Class Earn Praises Online A grade 9 student is selling fruits along Marulas, Valenzuela while attending his online class and completing his learning module. A Facebook user named “Benj Gonzales” has shared the inspiring photos of a grade 9 student identified as Mika … Read more

Clearing Operation Team Removing Fruit Vendor Inside Garage Elicits Comments Online

Clearing Operation Team

Fruit Vendor Inside Garage Allegedly Harassed by Parañaque Clearing Operation Team The clearing operation team of Parañaque earned online criticisms after confiscating the products of fruit vendor inside a garage. Over the past few months, the Philippine government is strictly implementing road clearing operations with the aims to clear the streets from illegal street vendors … Read more

Fruit Vendor Deceives Customers Using Tricky Weighing Scale

Fruit Vendor

Fruit Vendor Uses Tricky Weighing Scale To Deceive Her Customers A fruit vendor deceiving her customers using tricky weighing scales was caught on camera and now making rounds on the social media. Most Filipino people usually bought fruit products and fruits before going home as “Pasalubong” to their families and loved ones. On the other hand, … Read more

Fruit Vendor Modus Exposed by the Elevator Girl Viral Video

The Elevator Girl “Cheridel Alejandrino” exposed a “modus operandi” of a fruit vendor who used switched the plastic bag of the fruits that he sold to his customers. The video was posted by Alejandrino on her Facebook page urging the customers to be vigilant. Watch the video below: Post by Cheridel Alejandrino. The video posted … Read more