Woman Pretending as Lawmaker’s Staff Scams P88-M from Victims

Woman Scams P88-M from Victims After Pretending as Lawmaker’s Staff Police authorities arrested a woman who allegedly scammed P88 million from her victims after pretending as lawmaker’s staff. Agents from the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) nabbed a lady who allegedly pretended to be a member of the congressman’s staff. According to the report, the … Read more

OFWs in Qatar Seeks Help After Being Scammed by Co-Filipino Worker

OFWs in Qatar Who Got Scammed by Co-Filipino Worker Asks for Assintance Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) based in Qatar seeks help to authorities after they were allegedly got scammed by fellow Filipino worker. After falling prey to fraud by fellow OFWs, some Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in Qatar seek help from authorities. Mr. Angelito Menor, … Read more

BI Nabbed “High-Profile’ Japanese National Fugitive Who is Wanted in Tokyo

BI Nabbed “High-Profile’ Japanese Fugitive Who is in The Wanted List of Tokyo The Bureau of Immigration (BI) nabbed the “high-profile fugitive” Japanese national in Batangas who is allegedly one of the most wanted in Tokyo. According to Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente, the arrested was identified as 36-year-old Fujita Toshiy, who was arrested in Anilao … Read more

PVAO Warned Filipino War Veterans from Updated Pension Scam

Filipino War Veterans Should Be Cautious from Updated Pension Scam The Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO) has warned Filipino war veterans about the new modus operandi scam targeting their pension. Based on the report of Remate, a system will call them from an unregistered number and pretend to update their pension validation with a replacement … Read more

Man in the US Jailed After Buying Luxury Cars Using Government Loan

US Authorities Arrest a Man Who Allegedly Bought Sports Car Using Gov’t Loan A man in the United States (US) was arrested after authorities discovered that he bought a sports car using money loaned from the government. Lee Price, 29, was arrested in Texas after buying a luxury car, Lamborghini Urus worth $200,000 using the … Read more

Xian Gaza’s Shocking Revelations About Francis Marcos Elicits Comments

Shocking Revelation

Con-Artist Xian Gaza’s Shocking Revelations About Francis Marcos Goes Viral The Pinoy social media personality Xian Gaza’s shocking revelations about Francis Marcos elicits comments from the online community. Last week, Francis Leo Marcos has been one of the most controversial personalities on social media after he was arrested by the authorities due to his alleged … Read more

Cases Filed Against 78 Hospitals According To PhilHealth Executive

PhilHealth Executive Revealed 78 Hospitals And 18 Doctors Are Facing Cases For Fraud Claims CASES FILED – There are 78 hospitals and 18 doctors currently facing multiple cases over claims of Fraud, according to PhilHealth senior manager. Recent reports show PhilHealth hunting down and investigation more than 8000 fraudulent acts. The government-owned insurance company also … Read more

PhilHealth Filed Complaints Against Dialysis Center Over Ghost Patients

28 Complaints Were Filed Against A Dialysis Center Over ‘Ghost’ Patients PHILHEALTH FILED – A private dialysis center in Quezon City was exposed for faking patient existence to claim benefits from PhilHealth. The government-owned health insurance corporation was initiated back in 1995 to function just like a normal insurance deal but with a much cheaper … Read more