Psychic Faces Charges After Failing to Remove Alleged Curse From Patient

Patient Files Charges Against Psychic After Failing to Remove Alleged Curse

A psychic in America is currently facing multiple charges after she failed to remove the alleged curse from her patient.

A man named Mauro Restrepo sought the help of an American “Psychic Love Specialist” Sophia Adams. Mauro complained that he is not happy and satisfied anymore with his partner on their marriage life.

Adams read her patient’s tarot cards and told him he had bad luck and curse that came from the anger and hatred of his ex-girlfriend. The psychic claimed that she can remove the curse for $5, 100.


The victim gave Sophia a $1,000 down payment to remove the curse. Unfortunately, Restrepo did not notice any changes or improvement on his relationship with his wife even after giving the down payment.

Mauro continue to suffer from sleepless nights, anxiety and anguish, according to his Torrance Superior Court lawsuit. He filed charges of fraud against the female psychic and demands at least $25,000 in compensatory damages, plus punitive damages.

The lawsuit identified the defendants as Sophia, Psychic Love Specialist, Sophia’s husband George R. Adams, her daughter, Tiffany Winston, also known as Tiffany Johnson and Tiffany Adams; and the clairvoyant’s, Christ and Polly Koutroumbis.

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Adams has licenses for psychic services and other businesses. She is also claiming that she could perform intuitive and psychic readings, spiritual counseling and guidance, emotional healing and other services.

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