Man Died After Shot by Alleged Ex-Police Stepfather in SJDM

Young Man Shot to Death by Ex-Police Stepfather who was Allegedly Drunk in SJDM A young man died after being shot two (2) times by his ex-police stepfather who was allegedly drunk in San Jose Del Monte. Tragically, this is what transpired to a 26-year-old guy who was allegedly shot twice in the head in … Read more

Security Guard Runs Amok, Shots 2 Men After Ran Out of Food

Security Guard Shots 2 Men After Runs Amok Due to Food Shortage Two (2) men were killed after a security guard runs amok and began shooting when he allegedly ran out of food in Makati City. The suspect, a security guard at South Forbes Park Village in Makati City, is being wanted by the police. … Read more

Rookie Cop Allegedly Drunk Shot Wife, Child to Death in Catanduanes

Wife and Child Died after Alleged Drunk Rookie Cop Shot to Death in Catanduanes A rookie cop who was allegedly intoxicated with alcohol shot his wife along with his child to death in their home in Catanduanes. In Virac, Catanduanes, a rookie cop shot and murdered his wife. He shot himself to death after murdering … Read more

2 Siblings Shot Dead by Neighbor Running for Councilor in Iloilo

Man Running for Councilor in Iloilo Shot 2 Neighbor Siblings to Death 2 siblings were killed after being shot by their neighbor running for councilor in Iloilo after mocking him that he will lose in the 2022 elections. Ronald Causing, 50, a councilor candidate from Pili village, was identified as the suspect by the Philippine … Read more

Young Perv Man Attempted to Harass a 63-year-old Widow Neighbor

63-year-old Widow Woman Allegedly Tried to Be Harass by Young Perv Neighbor Police authorities are now conducting a manhunt operation against a perv suspect who tried to harass his widow neighbor in Negros Occidental. A 63-year-old widow was hurt during a fight with a 24-year-old neighbor who allegedly sought to harass her, according to police … Read more

Drunk Son Sets Own House in Fire, Plans to Include Father in Cagayan

Drunk Son Sets Own House in Fire in Cagayan with His Father Inside Unscrupulous drunk son reportedly sets their own house on fire and allegedly planned to include their own father in the fire in Cagayan. A family in Tuguegarao, Cagayan was rescued with almost nothing when their house caught fire. The arsonist is supposed … Read more

Police Kills 19-year-old Youth Over Misunderstandings in Drinking Session

Drunk Policeman Shot 19-year-old Youth to Death Over Misunderstanding in Laguna A 19-year-old youth died after being shot by a policeman during their drinking session as they have a misunderstanding in Calamba, Laguna. A young lad worker died in Calamba, Laguna due to a misunderstanding with a policeman. The victim was identified as Leovil Brian … Read more

Off-Duty Policeman Faces Frustrated Murder Charge for Killing Neighbor

Off-Duty Policeman Allegedly Drunk Faces Murder Charge for Killing Neighbor Authorities arrested an off-duty policeman who was allegedly drunk after killing his neighbor in Oton town, Iloilo province, Wednesday night. According to the report of Manila Bulletin, the suspect was identified as Corporal Marvin Seasol, who is assigned at Arevalo police station in Iloilo City. … Read more

18-year-old Drunk Girl Harassed by Man She Considered Friend in Bulacan

Drunk Teen Girl Harassed by Friend After Their Drinking Session in Bulacan An 18-year-old girl was harassed while being drunk by a guy she considered a friend after their drinking session in Bulacan. Being confident in the said friend, a young woman was exploited while drunk in the town of San Ildefonso, Bulacan province. San … Read more