2 Drunk Police Arrested for Touching a Woman in Bacoor City

2 Drunk Police Arrested After Attempted to Harass a Friend’s Woman in Bacoor City

Authorities arrested two (2) drunk police officers over an attempt to harass a friend’s woman during a drinking session in Bacoor City.

The two police officers were complained of allegedly touching a woman who was sleeping in Bacoor, City. The arrested suspects were identified as Corporal Bryan Santiago Baladjay and Master Sergeant Rey Mendoza Pogoso, both assigned to the Imus City police station.

Based on the Bacoor City Police report, the incident occurred in an apartment in an apartment in Barangay Molino V, of the said city. According to the police investigation, the suspects drank with the victim, her boyfriend, and three other friends.

Bacoor Drunk Police

Two hours later, the victim, Dora, felt dizzy and told her lover to go upstairs to rest. A few minutes later, the suspects allegedly told the victim’s boyfriend to go outside and get wine, after which the suspects proceeded upstairs and into the victim’s room.

Based on the report, Dora was sleeping deeply when she felt someone touching a sensitive portion of her body. He opened his eyes to find two police officers taking advantage of her and managing to flee.

When the boyfriend returned, he was hauled back up to the room and locked up. He claimed he created a lot of noise till the neighbors heard it and phoned the cops, which resulted in the arrest of the perpetrators.

The suspects’ service guns, identification cards, and badges were confiscated. The accused have been removed from their positions while an inquiry is conducted. The suspects are presently being prosecuted at the Bacoor City Prosecutor’s Office.

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