Security Guard Runs Amok, Shots 2 Men After Ran Out of Food

Security Guard Shots 2 Men After Runs Amok Due to Food Shortage

Two (2) men were killed after a security guard runs amok and began shooting when he allegedly ran out of food in Makati City.

The suspect, a security guard at South Forbes Park Village in Makati City, is being wanted by the police. According to the report, the suspect fatally shot a driver and a second security guard.

Security Guard Runs Amok

The victims were identified as security guard Jay-Ar Tomenio and driver Eugene Sitjar at Narra Street, South Forbes Park, Makati City. Julius Cortez, who eluded capture after the incident, was named as the culprit in the meantime.

According to the investigation at Makati City Police substation 5 by Bernard P. Saquing, household staff, and Jomar Sol, household security at a house in the said area, Cortez was drunk when he returned and immediately looked for food. It got angry when it didn’t see a dish so it turned and shot the victims thinking that they had consumed their food.

Meanwhile, a security guard in Cebu was arrested after robbing a gasoline station. According to Aloguinsan Police Station report, the suspect was apprehended by the police not long after he reportedly robbed a gas station in Barangay Bonbon in Aloguinsan, Cebu.

The police claimed that the man robbed the gas station because he was in a dire situation. The suspect, who has 6 children, said that his wage has not been paid since July.

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