Man Died After Shot by Alleged Ex-Police Stepfather in SJDM

Young Man Shot to Death by Ex-Police Stepfather who was Allegedly Drunk in SJDM

A young man died after being shot two (2) times by his ex-police stepfather who was allegedly drunk in San Jose Del Monte.

Tragically, this is what transpired to a 26-year-old guy who was allegedly shot twice in the head in San Jose Del Monte by his stepfather. According to the report, Enrique Galapate, a retired police officer, was named as the culprit. He is 62 years old.

Man Died After Being Shot by Ex-Police Stepfather in SJDM

The victim was Erickson Galapate, a resident of Francisco Homes in Barangay Narra and a construction safety officer. In the report of SJDM Acting chief of police PCOL. Ronaldo Lumactod Jr, the incident happened around 3:30 in the morning on October 24 at their house.

The kid reportedly reacted to the father’s harsh words when he was drunk, according to the report. The father did not like his son’s response, which infuriated him to the point where he grabbed a revolver and shot his son twice in the head, instantly killing him.

As a result, the authorities acted quickly, and the culprit was taken into custody. Two of its shot casings as well as a Pietro Beretta 9mm were later found in the area.

The victim’s remains will be examined properly by the authorities during the autopsy, which is intended to include them. When the suspect’s father is allegedly intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol, his behavior reportedly deteriorates. The accused is being held at the aforementioned station while being charged with murder.

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