20-year-old Nene Cries for Justice after Harassed by “Kainuman”

Nene Files Case Against “Kainuman” for Allegedly Harassing Her

A 20-year-old girl hidden in the name “Nene” cries for justice after allegedly being harassed by her “kainuman” while sleeping.

The 20-year-old female is yelling in rage and demanding justice after being reportedly exploited by a student in Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya. The victim, a resident of the province’s town of Bambang, was briefly hidden under the alias Nene, an Out of School Youth or OSY.

Nene Kainuman

Calvin Dingly, a 23-year-old inhabitant of Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya, is no longer at large after being apprehended during a police manhunt. The woman claims she was sleeping deeply when the perpetrator r6ped her because she had taken too much alcohol.

They were discovered to have drunk alcohol from a drinking establishment in Bayombong prior to arriving at the suspect’s home, where the victim’s cousin allegedly agreed to continue drinking with the rest of their pals in the suspect’s home. Based on the report, the victim fell asleep in a room while others are drinking.

The room she entered was unknowingly in the suspect’s room, which the suspect took advantage of, and the victim’s cousin, who momentarily concealed under the name Lhea, allegedly saw Dingly exploiting her cousin. Lhea allegedly awoke the victim who had been tortured in the intimate region of her body and discovered what the suspect had done to her.

The woman and her cousin rushed to the police station right away to report the abuse. The police arrived quickly at the location where the culprit had been apprehended. The suspect is being held in police custody for the time being while the rape case against him is being prepared.

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