Pacquiao to End Corruption in 6 Months; Wants Mega Prison for “Koraps”

Manny Pacquiao Wants “Mega Prison” for Corrupt Officials He Will Arrest Presidential aspirant Manny Pacquiao will end corruption with 3-6 months and wanted to build “mega prison” to detain corrupt officials. Pacquiao, a boxer-turned-politician, believes that if he is elected president of the Philippines, he will end the country’s corruption problem in a short amount … Read more

President Duterte Offers P30k Reward for Reporting Corruption Activities

President Duterte Offers P30k Reward to Person Who Reports Corrupt Officials President Rodrigo Duterte offers P30k reward cash to certain individuals who will report corrupt officials taking advantage of government aids. The president offers P30,000 reward money to those who can give information on local government officials stealing the financial aid for the poor beneficiaries, … Read more

Seven Reasons To Move Away From Pinas: A Citizen Cited

Seven Reasons

A citizen enumerated the seven reasons that could make someone consider leaving the Philippines. SEVEN REASONS – There is always something worth living and worth leaving in a certain country. One citizen took an eye on the ‘worth leaving’ side and cited his reasons. Philippines is undeniably facing insurmountable issues right now – poverty, crime, … Read more

Impact Of Corruption: How it affected PH?


The impact of corruption in the country can’t just be felt – even numbers can express them now. IMPACT OF CORRUPTION – Philippines is undeniably on the list of the most corrupt countries in the world. The realities around can even speak for it. Setting aside for now on who is really to be blamed, … Read more